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Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Jan 12, 2012

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I won't lie, when I first read about the idea behind this I was kind of like...really? It sounds kind of stupid on paper--a girl who is human only every other day. Literally not human. However its Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and as I enjoy her Raised by Wolves books so much I felt confident she wouldn't let me down. And for the most part she didn't.

Kali made some...risky decisions all things considered. Not that she doesn't acknowledge that she's making a bad decision--some of which cut so close to her 'human' day I grew a bit anxious (which is a good sign of the tension!)--but her timeframe is very exact and always the same. Time Management wasn't her friend honestly.

I thought it was clever on Barnes' part to make Kali's love interest, Zev, not really a physical presence in the book (not til the end at least). And while I have my qualms with the 'love at first sight' motif so popular in YA paranormals right now, Barnes gives a decent accounting for it (from a scientific perspective) and even throws in a curveball which I really wish could have been explored a little more. One of my problems with the book was that interesting concepts would be touched upon, but almost immediately 'solved' or brushed aside for a more immediate issue. I'm fairly certain this is a stand alone novel (which is wonderful, not many of those in the paranormal genre right now) as I haven't found a reference to this being part of a series. The ending suggests there could be more however.

I'm still kind of dicey with the details and the particulars--something about...parasites.--it gets science-y on me at unexpectant moments and I didn't expect that. In my paranormal/urban fantasies I expect a whole less science and a whole lot more timey-wimey explanations. I did appreciate that Barnes was going for something different and out of the ordinary as an explanation however.
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