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The Seeds of Time by John Wyndham
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Jan 12, 2012

really liked it
Read from January 12 to 15, 2012

Chronoclasm - Tavia travels back in time to meet her ancestor Gerald Lattery. This is really a story about predestiny. I liked the story, though not so sure that you can fall in love with someone once they told you that you are supposed to love them.

Time to rest - the earth has blown up and a loner wanders, not ready to settle on mars - I could feel the loneliness of the character

Meteor - a ship containing 1000 survivors from an apocalypse land on an unknown planet. This was one of my favourites. The battle for survival from a different perspective; reminded me a bit of the 1960s tv show Land of The Giants.

Survival - a meek woman accompanies her husband into space. Everyone underestimates her, considering her to be too soft and unable to survive, but she 'showed them' - just goes to show how you cannot judge by outer appearances, people can find inner determination when they have no choice - loved the ending.

Fawleys peepholes - tourists from the future make people feel like they are living in a goldfish bowl. What can you do when you cannot touch physically? loved how they turned the tables in the end.

Opposite Number - meeting yourself from an alternate reality. I think this happening would make any of us reassess our lives and think what could of been. Maybe we should all get such a visit to kick us out of complacency and go after what we really want.

pillar to post - can't say that this story of bodily transference really grabbed me that much

Dumb Martain - a man buys a companion for his work on Jupiters moon. Just goes to show that people do not forget being mistreated and with a bit of patience we can get what we want in the end.

Compassion circuit - I found this robot story to be a bit cliched.

wild flower - this one did not interest me, not quite sure why.

Overall, I loved his style of writing - easy to get lost in. I often prefer vintage sci-fi than modern stories that focus too much of computers and technology, rather then stories like this, which are more about the characters.
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