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Cracked by K.M. Walton
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Feb 02, 12

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Read in January, 2012

Judged By cover: There it is!

Okay, so this cover is pretty simple, there are two pills in a cup with a blank back round. The thing about simple covers, they always seem to catch my eye before the extravagant, shiny, holographic ones. The simplicity also helped me to easily locate it in the bookstore, because I went there with it on my list of "Must Buy". The cover over all doesn't disappoint and is easily found in the bookstore of dark holographic book covers. I really like this one.

What's up?
Bull has just about had it with his family. His drunken mother who is never there for him, and his Grandfather, who goes into drunk tirades and beats Bull until he feels he's had enough. But Bull isn't the best at self control either, when he gets angered he takes out his frustration on Victor, who has been abused by Bull since kindergarten. When Victor decides that he can't take it anymore, he takes a handful of his mother's sleeping pills, only to be angered when he wakes up in the Psychiatric ward at the hospital. but he is not alone.

When Bull uses a gun to try and stop his grandfather from hurting him anymore, he accidentally ends up shooting himself which is played off as a suicide attempt. It turns out that the two boys have more in common than they thought, which they learn as they live together in the hospital's psychiatric ward.

Characters: Yes and...Um...Oh my...

well you see, Me and Victor have some things in common. First off, he is very quiet, and so am I, well at least when I am in school and not with my friends, and I have always held sympathy for the other kids who don't talk to anyone because they are shy, like myself. so I think I would give Victor the time of day,

Oh my gosh this is hard. Okay, Bull was a sort of complex character. He always seemed mean to everyone, which is why people feared him, but really it was just because he was being abused at home. which is still no excuse to injure other people but...either way. When you get to read the novel in Bull's point of view, you really get to understand the inner turmoil of his mind and that he truly regrets some of the things he has done. He sort of reminds me of someone, But I'm not quite sure who it is. I guess, Maybe I'd give Bull the time of day, but it's a very hard decision.

Romance: ...

Yes, there was romance in this novel, but that was not the main purpose of the book. The main purpose was to read about the inner turmoil of Bull and Victor, and how they cope with their problems. so yes, there was some romance, so everyone will be happy, but it wasn't really the main plot.

Bonus Features: Psych ward

Yay! This might be a little strange but I love it when the book includes a Psychiatric ward into the novel. It's a great plot builder and helps make everything a little more interesting. The last, I think Two, books I have read have taken place in the psych ward, so this did not disappoint!


Well okay, there were like three cases of enemies to friends in this novel, which is great because I love a good Love/Hate relationship to spice up the story a little, this is actually one of my favorite things in any book I read.


The entire plot line ran on secrets and how they were found out. everyone in the psych ward had their story to tell, there were just some that chose not to tell it, adding to the suspense of the novel. so it is a true fact that I Love secrets!

Final Flavor: Now and Laters

You know that candy called now and laters? well I am eating them as I write this so somehow, they relate to this book. I had been waiting for this book to come out ever since I read the description a month prior, so when I saw that it had come out I put it on the top of my list for my next bookstore trip. This book had many lessons in it, like don't take out your anger on other people, don't suspect that someone is just an evil person when you do not know them, Don't judge a book by it's cover (Whoops...) and many more. I really liked the authors writing style and when I first picked up the book, I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed ever second of reading it and am very glad that I got a chance to review it. I definitely recommend picking this book up on our next trip to the bookstore!

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