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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
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Feb 12, 2012

it was amazing

I think I was about 13 years old or so the first time I read To Kill a Mockingbird. I remember being completely absorbed in the lives and antics of Jem, Scout and Dill. The more mature themes and plot lines and subtleties were not fully obvious or interesting until I'd read it a few more times.

I read TKAMB about once every 5 years. It still resonates with me and moves me and makes me think. No other book drops me into a setting and time period like this one. I can see the sweat on Atticus' forehead as he aims to kill the rabid dog and feel the oppresive tension surrounding his visit to Tom Robinson's home. Very few authors can make tragedy and innocence so vivid with so little apparent effort.

Happy 50th.

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Cyndy I remember watching TKAMB as a young girl and later reading the book as an adult. Being raised in the south I didn't understand the racial injustice as the child watching the movie. What I saw was myself as Scout and Jem as my older brother living in a small town where we knew everyone and where they lived.
If you liked this type of book try reading the Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

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