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The Phoenix Endangered by Mercedes Lackey
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Jan 11, 2012

really liked it
Read from January 11 to 17, 2012 — I own a copy

As the first book in The Enduring Flame Trilogy, The Phoenix Unchained, this, the second installment, delivers as promised, IMHO. As with the first, it is well written and quite entertaining, never losing my interest (although, as with the first, I found one typo; and that is one too many). The story moves right along but I'm left wondering how Lackey & Mallory are going to be able to conclude the story in only one more book without rushing through the events.
The boys and lifelong best friends are well on their way to leaving the trappings of boyhood behind. They don't seem to encounter as many supernatural beings in this book, but there are still plenty to keep the fantasy lover satisfied; and the addition of Kareta to their little traveling band is great. She's just a hoot. They very soon find themselves honored 'guests' of a desert city, after Tiercel uses his magic, up until that moment, hidden, to help save the city. And so begins one of the first truly catastrophic battles the friends will fight. I stick with my opinion that this trilogy is a must for any true Lackey fan.

Before he learned that High Magic was real, Tiercel Rolfart wasn't sure what he was going to do with his life. Now he knows: keep from getting killed long enough to somehow teach himself High Magic and try to save the world.
Harrier Gillain always knew that his role in life was to keep Tiercel out of trouble. He's still doing it-only now he's got to fend off attacks by a powerful, rogue Wild Mage. That Harrier is destined to be the first Knight-Mage in a thousand years isn't helping matters. Knight-Mages tend to get a lot of people killed, and Harrier doesn't like killing.
Hidden deep in the desert, Wild Mage Bisochim continues his attempts to restore darkness to the world-to fix the Balance. Despite the resistance of his Bonded dragon, Bisochim knows he's doing the right thing. When he's healed the Balance, then Saravasse will love him again.
The desert tribes have taken Bisochim's sermons on the damaged Balance to heart. They know that those who will not help repair the Balance are enemies, and young Zanattar and his followers are determined to destroy them.
One tribe has resisted Bisochim's siren call to war. Led by Shaiara, they have made the long journey into desert lands that even their fellow tribes consider mythical. Concealed from both magical and earthly searches, her people seek only peace. And then a huge black dragon dumps two weary young warriors on Shiara's doorstep.
Tiercel, Harrier, Shaiara, and the dragon Ancaladar seek desperately for a way to stop Bisochim and Zanattar, but the boys have only been Mages for a few moonturns. Can they really stop a war?

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