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The Unseen by Heather Graham
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Jan 18, 2012

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I'll give all of the long time Heather Graham fans a warning. The old Graham is probably never going to come back. I'd liken her older books to rich Godiva chocolate: rich and oh-so-sinfully bad for you, whereas her newer books are like Hershey chocolate: good, but not nearly as good as the Godiva was. This is pretty much the case here in this book.

I'll be honest and say that while this wasn't an "oh my gosh, read it until my eyeballs pop out" type of book, it wasn't bad and is an improvement over some of Graham's previous books. (This is far better than Dust to Dust was.) The Unseen is pretty much a continuation of the Krewe of Hunters series, but with a new group of characters since the previous bunch had all been paired off with their love interests. This book brings us a new pairing, a new murder mystery, and a new set of ghosts.

I really wanted to judge this book on its own merit (for good or bad), but some of the similarities between the pairing in this book and the pairing in the first KoH book sort of prevented that. Like our pairing in Phantom Evil, we're given two people in law enforcement, with the male love interest being a Native American. This is generally where the similarities ended, but it's enough to where I kind of felt a little disappointed that Graham didn't shake things up a little more. I'd have loved to have seen a pairing where one of the duo was a brash young thing that shoehorned their way into the investigation, but hopefully we'll get that in another book. The pairing in this book is nice, but didn't really set off an avalanche of steamy sparks. It's sort of just there and secondary to the book's mystery.

The mystery actually wasn't bad. I did enjoy the Texas setting as well as the inclusion of the infamous Alamo. We're given a good start, a tale of a star-crossed Southern belle that fell into a seedy lifestyle and was murdered because of her ill fated decisions and a valuable diamond ring. It's what really brought me into the book and pushed me past the tepid love scenes between Logan and Kelsey. It eventually turned a little predictable, but overall it wasn't half bad. I just wish that the mystery and murders had been played up a little more, with the main characters doing a little more detecting and investigating. Things just sort of progressed from point A to point B and it didn't really seem that our lead characters did anything on their own without a ghost to point the way for them. (Although if I can compare it to the mystery in the first KoH book, the mystery here is way better laid out.) I was still slightly surprised by the whodunit, although I wasn't too far off in my estimation.

Overall this is a good but not great Graham novel. It's something that is absolutely worth a library read, but I'd hesitate to buy this at a hardback price. (If it was paperback then it'd be easier to say "buy it".) Graham has shown some improvement as of late and this book is no exception, but I think this book would have done better if it had just spent a little more time in the stew pot. If you're looking for a whiz-banger of a read, you'll be disappointed, but if you're looking for a decent read to while away a few hours with in front of the fireplace, then this is worth checking out.

2.5 out of 5 stars

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01/11/2012 page 0
0.0% "Although her quality has dropped some in recent years, I still find myself scrambling to get her latest books..."
01/12/2012 page 43
11.0% "For anyone wondering where this fits in Graham-verse, this book is pretty much Krewe of Hunters 2.0. Having paired up everyone from the previous group, we're getting a new Harrison grouping. I'm a little irritated that the dynamics so far seem to be almost identical to KOH #1, complete with a Native American male love interest."
01/12/2012 page 52
13.0% "This isn't bad so far. There's a decent base story that I'm getting into and while the characters are almost identical to the love interests in the first book, they're not horrible so far. Just very similar. (A female character with "the sight", a male character that's Native American that is a little skeptical of any potential talents he might have, etc.)"
01/12/2012 page 58
14.0% "OK, Logan isn't completely closed off to the supernatural but his earlier statements in the book (his skepticism towards potential visions he might have had) sort of shows me that he's still a little closed off."
01/13/2012 page 86
22.0% "OK, Logan can talk to the dead. For some reason I seem to have only remembered his visions (and his dismissal/ignoring of them) earlier in the book. So this would make him less of a Jackson Crow copy."
01/15/2012 page 123
35.0% "This actually isn't that bad. Logan has a strange opinion of the supernatural and his visions. He does believe it exists, but he has decided to ignore and deny his visions, possibly due to his past tragedy. It wasn't very clear early on and I do have to admit I was trying to find ways that he and Jackson were similar."
01/16/2012 page 175
50.0% "Just finished a nice sex scene. I'm trying really hard not to compare this to Graham's previous work, but this is a lot better than some of her previous KoH books."
01/16/2012 page 182
52.0% "I'm a little over halfway through the book and I've already made a prediction about who the killer might be. Usually by this point Graham has introduced the killer and since there's such a limited cast so far, there aren't many to choose from that aren't obviously going to be sticking around for multiple books."
01/17/2012 page 289
82.0% "Just a question: if a body was moldering away in an area for a set period of time, wouldn't someone have been able to smell it? It's not like dead bodies smell like vanilla and rose petals. Even in the dry heat of Texas you can still smell decomposing flesh."

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Naomi I agree..I thought it was the KoH continued....I would have considered it in the same series.

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