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Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Jan 11, 2012

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Amanda is from a family of witches where she considers herself to be the only normal one. All of that changes when she finds herself handcuffed to a gorgeous vampire, Kyrian the Dark Hunter after being kidnapped from her sisters’ home by Desiderius, a daimon who feeds on souls to lengthen his lifespan. They realize that he had confused Amanda to her sister Tabitha, a vampire hunter, and as Desi orchestrates a game letting them run only to hunt Kyrian while he expects Amanda to kill him, Amanda gets attracted to Kyrian and so does he to her but his painful experience with a women in his life won’t allow him to ever trust another one again. What no one knows is that Desi is after something else other than just killing a dark hunter; this game is just part of a well crafted plan. Circumstances force them together yet again after getting free of the handcuff. Their attraction grows and no matter how much Kyrian fights it knowing that dark hunters can’t take a mate, they form a bond but can what they have survive the vast differences between them or the vile plan Desiderius has for them? Meanwhile Amanda begins to gradually tap into her psychic powers; powers that in the end may save or kill Kyrian.


This is the first novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon that I’ve read and I thought it to be plotted with suspense and surprises that we only get to see the clear picture at the end of the book which is interesting. Kenyon has a very refreshing and interesting take on the vampire myth and she has build a quite intriguing world made more interesting by including Greek gods into it. Having said that, if you’re looking for your usual vampire book, this is not for you because the hero has fangs but he’s not a vampire and doesn’t behave like one. The language was good with a healthy amount of sarcasm and humor. While Kyrian was a very well sculpted character, Amanda seemed to be lacking dimension and depth and it seemed to me like the author tried to make up for it at the end with no avail. I also didn’t like it that they hit it off too fast too easily. There could have been more on the progress of Amandas powers in my opinion. For me, their relationship needed more passion and tension. The author writes action scenes well but I thought that the rest of the writing could improve on imagery and there were so much she could have done to improve the story. Mostly, it’s just the case of telling and not showing and it failed to draw me in emotionally.

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