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Girl Genius, Vol. 2 by Phil Foglio
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Jan 11, 12

Read in January, 2012

THE BONUS STORY ON THIS VOLUME WAS SO RAD. It's like they tailored it exactly to my tastes: smirky badass lady knight defeating evil through the power of cleverness and King Arthur? Yes sir, I will gladly take more. I think this volume overall's a 4 but I need a minute to consider whether I want to upgrade it half a star. It's only three pages but King Arthur and lady knights! The difficult choices I am forced to ponder.

While I ponder that let me tell you about this volume! I liked it a bit more than the previous one mostly because now that Agatha's on the ship she gets to interact with lots more characters. That she doesn't already know I mean; I delight in watching building relationships. And speaking of relationships Agatha and Gil are going to kiss at some point right? Because that is something I believe should happen. Just establishing my shipping preferences early in the game, feel free to mock me later if I unceremoniously change my mind. Probs won't though, they fixed a falling flying machine in midair together! The couple that invents together stays together.

Not quite sure yet whether the Jagerkin's conversations re: Agatha will prove them allies or hindrances. I say allies? On account of that being what I want and the fact that they don't seem super attached to the idea of serving the Baron forever. Who knows, who knows, I have not and do not plan to read the webcomic so I shall find out when I read volume three. Which is likely to be tomorrow, I already have it handy and the shortness is a great asset to me in these busy academic times. 4 stars

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