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Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler
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Aug 14, 12

it was amazing
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Read from January 12 to 14, 2012

I decided that I needed to write even MORE about how much I love this book over at Clear Eyes, Full Shelves.


FNL Character Rating: TAMI AND ERIC!!!!!!

Full Disclosure: I grew up in the Buffalo region and used to figure skate. When I first started reading, I considered making a drinking game out of this book whenever the author referred to something that induced regional nostalgia. After ten pages, I realized if I actually went through with it, I would have to go to the emergency room to have my stomach pumped within a half-hour.


I strongly feel that even with those connections to this book, I would have given it a perfect rating regardless. I think everyone has points throughout life when they have to decide between staying and going (literally and metaphorically), then deal with the consequences of those choices. There are so many emotions wrapped in each choice.

How do you choose between staying home where you have enough and leaving for the unknown where something possibly better but unknown lurks? Do you make an effort to maintain connections or let them slip away, whether you stay or go? Do you take what life/your family hands you, or do you find your own way?

I know I've been faced with all of these questions time and time again, and will probably be faced with them again.

I could go on and on, but instead, I STRONGLY encourage you to read this book, in which Sarah Ockler deals with all of these questions with humor, eloquence, realism, cupcakes, and ice-skating. And an FNL reference. Because who doesn't love all of those things, in real life AND a book?
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Quotes Laura Liked

Sarah Ockler
“All the little quirks that make even the most barren, frigid places beautiful, that make a tiny gray dot on the map the one place you'll always call home, no matter where your glamorous, boring, adventurous, average, ridiculous, impossible, epic, romantic, bacon-infused life leads you.”
Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

Sarah Ockler
“See, some people politely encourage their tone-deaf friends to sing. Some people even convince them to go on live television and audition for national competitions. But me? I am not that friend.”
Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

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01/13/2012 page 15
4.0% "Any book that correctly refers to the Buffalo region as Western New York (especially by an author not from that area) automatically receives a minimum Luke Cafferty FNL rating. Cupcake points for the Buffalo Sabres mention on the first page!" 6 comments
01/13/2012 "I'm also trying to figure out which Buffalo suburb Watonka is based on. Guessing the name is derived from a mish-mash of Cheektowaga & Tonowanda?"
01/13/2012 page 104
27.0% "Loganberry AND chicken finger sub mention! This book has now moved up to an Matt Saracen FNL rating."
01/14/2012 page 150
39.0% "The Buffalo Sabres snapped a three game winless streak the day I started reading this. I'm choosing to believe that's not a coincidence."
01/14/2012 page 275
72.0% "OMG OMG OMG The FNL reference just sent this book over the top."

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Sarah Yep. Awesome, right?

Aleeeeeza the FNL reference made this book for me. haha, nah, j/k--it really just warmed me toward the book though.

Aleeeeeza also, i just kinda noticed but...dude, do you and sarah give EVERY SINGLE BOOK the same rating?!

Sarah Aleeza wrote: "also, i just kinda noticed but...dude, do you and sarah give EVERY SINGLE BOOK the same rating?!"

I once did the comparison of book ratings on GR for Laura & I and we were at like 90% the same.

Laura Bahaha! Aleeza, I don't know if you noticed, but I have this bookshelf that is ALL recs from Sarah. At the least, I've really liked all of them. We should totally be found guilty of book rating collusion! ;)

Sarah This conversation still cracks me up.

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