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Silas Marner by George Eliot
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Jan 10, 12

Read in January, 2011

The Gifts of a Child
Silas Marner, Book Review
By: Isabella Didier
Some people may say that money isn’t everything, but when you have nothing else to look forward to or to dedicate your life to it may become the only thing that matters. George Eliot, born Mary Ann Evans was one of the leading authors of the Victorian era she wrote seven novels one of them being Silas Marner. Her books were well known for their realism and psychological insight.
In the book Silas Marner an old weaver named Silas is forced to move from his house. While enduring small unusual struggles and fighting for his life and wealth; he finds a young infant girl, which changes his life forever. He adopts and raises her as his daughter; they grow with each other and learn deeper about each other, through their lives they gain an inseparable bond.
This novel being a classic had a very vast vocabulary, because of this it gave the book more depth and purpose also combining these complex words together added a lot of detail. I think it would be good if this book was revised or edited into a bit more simple version, to make it easier to comprehend on the reader’s part. I would add less outer information that made no sense at all and didn’t add to the book. I would also take out some of the random information, because that makes it harder to focus on the plot and basic scenes of the story. In order to understand this novel to the best of your ability you need to know that there are many extra characters that do not influence the book strongly also random topics are sometimes mentioned. The concept of this story was to show the importance of children and the happiness they invite into people’s lives. Coming from other aspects it means to never lose hope in finding happiness and friendship, even at your lowest points.
The message George Eliot was trying to portray was the message that children are some of the most valuable things God has to offer, that children are what makes the world- go-round. They add happiness and joy unlike any other. On a broader scale it means we are all blessed and found in certain circumstances for certain reasons which are usually unknown. It may be to bring happiness and joy, a desire or purpose. It also can mean to never lose hope in something you are doing or aspire to do. On the cover page it states: “A child, more than all other gifts that earth can offer to declining man brings hope with it, and forward- looking thoughts.”-Wordsworth
This book is a higher level of thought and comprehension because of this I would recommend this to college students, newlyweds and those who wish to partake of the sweet spirit of children and find out according to George Eliot how much they shape and mold you. I believe this novel was made for older audiences in other words not middle schoolers I think if I read this at an older age I would enjoy it more and gain a better understanding of the words and the concept/ plot of this novel. I encourage those to read who wish to read something more advanced and classic.

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