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Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell
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Jan 15, 12

bookshelves: paranormal
Read from January 10 to 13, 2012

Time Mends, was one of the books that I was so eagerly waiting to read this year! Let me say, this book surpassed my expectations. Destiny Binds left me with a gaping hole in my chest with the tragedy that Scout, Alex, Charlie and Jase experienced, as they were all affected that night, and we all knew to well, that nothing would be the same. I wasn't sure where Ms.Blackwell would take the story, as Ms.Blackwell has a great gift of twisting and turning the story to her liking with explosive results, but I sure wasn't expecting what she threw in Time Mends.

Ms. Blackwell is very talented, and what a bunch of wonderful characters she paints. The story, it just keeps getting better and better! Her story has so many dimensions to it, with love, friendship, lost, family, grief, betrayal, and forgiveness. Time Mends begins where Destiny Binds ends, with Scout facing the reality of everything she lost that tragic night. She is still recuperating from the Coyote attack, and she hides in her dreams as it's the only place where she can be with Alex and actually feel whole again. A part of her feels and believes Alex is out there some where, and she doesn't want to loose hope that he is still in her world. What Scout least expects is that her life is altered yet again by this mysterious world of shifters that took her love away and everything that she hold dear, and now she has a permanent place in this world in which she doesn't or asked to be a part of.

Time Mends will take you through Scout's journey of self discovery, and that she needs to close the wounds of her heart in order to move on and take on her new responsibilities to protect her friends and family from the world of shifters. She wiil be wrapped up in a mess that will test her, shake her to the core, and leave her absolutely hopeless. I really felt for Scout and all that she had to go through. First, she had to deal with Alex's death, knowing that her brother Jase, and Charlie the man she first loved were responsible. You feel the weight she carries, and you feel heartbroken for all the characters. Eventually, they mend their relationship as she loves her brother and she does love Charlie, but she knows, she can never be with Charlie.

This book introduces new characters, which you will love some and hate others. Scout's character grows, and she is back better then ever! This book surely has everything. This book has one of the best dialogue ever. I fell in love with all the character in Destiny Binds, and in Time Mends, I am smitten and head over heal with the characters (even though, towards the end I was really ticked off with Jase)! I guess I was feeling everything that Scout was feeling when Jase broke her heart, but I think Jase will have his reasons (hopefully). I don't know why, but one minute Ms. Blackwell has me ROL, and the next I am crying! You feel all the emotions, they are just jumping from the page!

I will also say, I loved how brilliantly Ms. Blackwell, brought Alex to Scout! It was the sweetest most lovable moments! As in Destiny Binds, Ms. Blackwell, left us with another cliff hanger! I wanted to scream the last chapter, everything was so intense! I had to re-read the whole chapter again to make sure that it ended how I thought it ended! Talk about giving you an anxiety attack! Yeez, she has a way of hooking you good! I am already having withdrawals, I feel like a junkie, desperate for my next fix of Timber Wolves Trilogy! I will dare to say that this will become one of my all time favorite Trilogy/Books ever!
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