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The Skeleton's Knife by Joni Sensel
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Jan 10, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2012

I've shared my love for THE FARWALKER'S QUEST (the first book in this trilogy) with anyone who'll listen, including most of the internet. It's one of my favorite middle grade reads ever--definitely top three--and not to be missed. Start there (my review is below) and finish here. THE SKELETON'S KNIFE delivers on all levels: amazing characters, fantastic world and unbelievably awesome writing. Do not miss it!

A magical fantasy, The Farwalker's Quest, takes place in a futuristic world--a world left devastated and fragmented by the Blind War.

Everyone in Canberra Docks assumes twelve-year-old Ariel will become a Healtouch like her mother. She certainly doesn't seem talented enough to do anything else. Her best friend, Zeke, hopes to follow in his father's footsteps and become a village-chief-like Tree-Singer. But just three days before the Namingfest, Zeke's tree won't speak to him. Instead, the maple directs Ariel to a magical artifact of old: a telling dart.

Used before the war, the telling dart has a secret message destined for but one. The dart fully captures Ariel's imagination, and her heart. When a pair of strangers turns up asking questions and making threats, Ariel and Zeke are forced into a treacherous, life-altering journey.

The Farwalker's Quest, a coming-of-age adventure, is a MUST-READ. Even those who are not generally fans of fantasy are sure to be pleased. No maps or charts are required in the reading of this book. With substantiative characters and a well-woven plot, Joni Sensel weaves a breathtaking tale full of twists and turns that will leave the reader breathless. The pacing is perfect, the prose lyrical and smooth. Readers will quickly find themselves transported to a magical world of danger and loss, of dreams and destiny.

Sensel allows darkness in the story, enough to convey the essence of truth, but not so much as to overwhelm the reader or glorify the darkness. Instead, light shines through. As the characters are forced to reconcile their expectations with reality, they must wrestle with their passions and purpose. The story makes it clear--we are each gifted, we each have a calling. It emphasizes love, hope, trust, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice. And The Farwalker's Quest finishes as strongly as it starts, confirming that in spite of hardships, redemption and new beginnings await those who seek.

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message 1: by Aras (new)

Aras Redan Great review! Who did Ariel end up with?

Cheri Williams Aras wrote: "Great review! Who did Ariel end up with?"

Sorry...I'm a No-Spoilers kind of girl!

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