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Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Cinder was rescued by a scientist after the surgery that made her a cyborg, which means she is part human and part mechanical. The scientist brought her home to Beijing from Europe to live with him and his family. But he died soon after bringing her home, leaving her under the guardianship of his wife, her new stepmother, who forces her to work and financially care for her and her 2 daughters.

Cinder is independent, intelligent, and strong. (Not the Cinderella I remember). She can hold her own in the middle of chaos. No intergalactic "wanna be queen" can scare her off. However she doesn't remember anything about her life before she became a cyborg. And the scientist, the only person that could tell her, is dead.

...Okay, that's all you get. You've got to read the book to discover what happens.

I absolutely love this book. It was amazing. What an incredible imagination. If Mr. Walt Disney were with us today, he would be so proud of what the author was able to do with his original characters, yet changed everything but the basic plot, and made it her own. "Ingenious". The sci-fi concept fits right in with one of the most popular genres today for young adult readers.

I loved Cinder's strong determination and independence. The character building was amazing. Many new characters were introduced, and I was surprised by the actions of every new character. When I thought I knew what was going to happen next, something different happened. I love that. Predictability is for real life, surprises are for fantasy.

By the end of the book, I was left with... "WOW". A cliff hanger and a whole year to wait to find out what happens. It was the same feeling I had after reading Neal Shusterman's "Unwind". Marissa Meyer writes more like an experienced author, not a debut author. I can't wait until "Scarlet" comes out, the next book in the "Lunar Chronicles" series.

This is a must read for anyone who loved the original Cinderella and for Science Fiction lovers. Neither will be disappointed. This book is not just for girls, so guys... read on.

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