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Firelight by Kristen Callihan
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Feb 05, 12

Read from January 23 to 27, 2012


In one word, delectable. I am in love with this book, it is the best PNR I’ve read in a very long time. No formula romance here, nuh uh!

From the very beginning I was sucked into this 19th century London. It’s a dark world who’s fog and rain soaked streets are illuminated by gas light. A place where society judges by your station, rather than your heart, and who’s women are commodities to be traded for the best deal that can be arranged. Such was life in the 1800’s, and the author does a fabulous job bringing us back there. As I read, I felt like it was me who walked the streets, jumping at shadows, and ducking to avoid being seen.

Lord Benjamin Archer has station, but that doesn’t stop all of society from staring at the masked man. Wherever he goes he leaves women swooning in fear in his wake. Miranda Ellis’ family on the other hand has been shunned from the same society. And while she also creates a ruckus wherever she goes, it is for entirely different reasons. A chance meeting in a late night alley changes everything for both of these outcasts.

The mysteries in this story are deep and all encompassing, they make you desperate to *know,* right now. This is one of those books that makes you argue with yourself constantly about, maybe, peeking at the last page of the book just to stop the pressure. But, the mysteries pale in comparison to the relationship between Archer and his Miri. While the mystery keeps you wanting to turn pages, the romance makes you want to stay right there and re-read the scene a dozen times. The scenes between them are romantic, hot, and sexy, and tragic all at the same time. It really is an incredible book.

It looks like this is the beginning of a series, as there were hints of another to come. I for one will be the first in line to grab the next book.
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Kristen Callihan
“Slowly, her slim hand smoothed over the swell of his buttock, lingering there. A shocked laugh choked his throat, the sound muddled by a stifled groan that her intrigued touch elicited. The saucy little sneak thief was copping a feel. He felt inclined to turn around and let her get a handful.”
Kristen Callihan, Firelight

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Steph Yay, I'm glad you ended up liking it!

zcb257 I did, I liked it a LOT! Looks like there is a prequel already out, and another book on the way in August :) The male lead is not a surprise, but I thought it was cool that the female lead is Daisy.

Tiki Ok, I'm intrigued... Looks like it's out Wed on
Kindle so will give it a go. Just don't like the ebook priced same as the paperback. Boo!

zcb257 I hate that too Tiki, I will usually grab the book if that's the case. It is worth the read though.

message 5: by Steph (last edited Jan 30, 2012 02:49PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steph It's listed for $5.99 for the Kindle edition, which is the same as the paperbook, but still pretty good. Not too bad compared to some other over-priced electronic books, like Darynda Jones's books. Her last book, The 2nd Grave on the left, I think was $10 for the kindle format and her third ebook is going for $11.

Way too rich for my blood, but I do recall being dumb and actually spending the $10 last time.

SubterraneanCatalyst Cannot wait until I read this! Everyone I know that has read it has loved it completely :]

zcb257 It's really, really, really good. Hard to believe it's a first for the author, isn't it?! I can't wait to read the prequel!

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