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Liquid Fear by Scott Nicholson
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Jan 11, 2012

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this will be the 1st from nicholson for me...saw it here somewhere, possibly on trivia.

1st sentence + :

the rain fell like bullets.
david underwood blinked against the drops. darkness pressed against both sides of his eyelids and the air smelled of burnt motor oil. the salvo of rain swept over the expanse of a lighted billboard.

heh! so he's looking at a billboard, right, outside, some lawyer advertising for work...one of those where am i moments? i wonder if circumcision is involved (see previous read). he wonders about a variety of things...and there is a group, "they"..."them" who have not been identified as yet that might have left him there....onward and upward.

okay, so i'm only 8% into the story (kindle) and there's a nice use of, drumroll....parallelism...i dunno if that is like a technical term for it, but all the big heads do it...shakespeare, those guys.

in this case, there's david underwood there to start...unsure of where/what he is....where/what (implied) "they" are..

then in another chapter, roland doyle wakes up in a room...and there's some of the same kind of thingies going on. in his case, they is god the father and his uncertainty is caused by booze. he's in a program, 12-step, all that, but this is like groundhog day, replay from that one writer...and it's crazy because the desk just called and woke "david" up, who they have checking into the room....mystery...suspense. roland doesn't know where he is, either...and his mouth doesn't taste of booze.

okay so yeah so i checked this nicholson's bio page...influences, that sort of thing. koontz, king, vonnegut, some others listed.

at the 29% point now...you bet, can see the koontz/king influence. makes use of repetition: every 4 hrs. or else. and that goes for at least two characters, probably more, though we've only detail on two for certain.

there's at least (close) a dozen characters, a handful of window-dressing characters and even one of those is a "character" the kind you see on the street too often.

this kindle business takes getting used to. can't seem to read as much as i'd like...could be circumstance, global warming...real warm/not cold winter here, sunshine...all that...zzzz

update: finished, wednesday evening 753 pm est, 11 jan 12...

...wicked evil genius doctor type discovers a way to manipulate the brain, the emotions, w/drugs...several drugs, experiments, etc.

time is involved, ten years, and that threw me a bit, getting my head around that idea...too, the idea that david was held captive all this time? or was he? maybe he came in, like the others, again, at the whim of the doc.

koontz has done things like this, stories that raise questions about bioethics as it has come to be called...what was his one story? strangers? i don't recall the time period involved, but i don't think it was ten years between...events.

the other thing is it was not easy sympathizing w/many of the characters as the drugs, administered against their will for the most, made them do things unbecoming. i think part of the point is that we're not that far from....what....devolving? from running amok? anarchy? all those things? perhaps. i dunno is david's situation was satisfactorily resolved...and for him there was a good amount of empathy, as he seemed more innocent than the others.

the narrative voice is fine...things moved from event to event, from character to character....many moments of suspense...and....you can't turn a page on a kindle like you can with a book ....heh! funny, how at times the finger hits the advance button and you're not quite done reading on the page as yet..have to go back...whoa!

all in all, a fascinating story....good read.


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