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Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton
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Apr 09, 12

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bookshelves: chick-lit, memoir
Read from January 10 to March 01, 2012

When I chose this book, I was intrigued by the bold cover design and visceral title and immediately captured by the glowing reviews of the awesome Anthony Bourdain and other food world superstars, eager to take the hint that this was a book I should be reading. After all, what more could I wish for out of a book that seemed so outwardly awesome? Wait...did someone say something about a book-cover judging contest?

What I found inside was a tad less exciting. I loved hearing about her rough formative years framed by the idyllic. Her marriage of convenience angered me. I wanted to see her happy, for the two of them to work it out and fall very deeply in love, but I suppose settling for seeing her get what she deserved for entering a loveless marriage made sense as well. The details were very nice, vivid and carefully chosen. The choosing of exact episodes could have used a bit more work, since some seemed trivial or boring, droning on longer than I would like. If she had written an entire book about the bonfire era of her childhood, I would have been happy. Sometimes I think she just wanted to cover everything, being a bit more secretive as time went, or perhaps she was rushing to finish the book. Whatever the reasoning, there was a degradation of quality as the page numbers grew larger. For this reason, I would call this book deceptively slim, as in it seems short enough in pages, but certain parts really drag on.

All in all, I appreciated learning about the life of someone so different from me, and I am glad to have been enriched by learning about a different way of life. I am also glad I picked this up from the library for next to nothing instead of paying anything approaching retail.

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