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The Gift by James Patterson
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Jan 10, 2012

did not like it

So this book... it's just... bad. Please don't get worked up over my opinion. I liked the first book. Really, I did. But in general, Mr. P's writing seems like it's gone down the tube. The Max Ride books after the third one, Daniel X, and now Witch and Wizard.

I'm not going to annoy you with a boring summary, you should know it by now.

Issue 1: dialogue and writing. The dialogue is stiff, like they are bad actors with bad scripts with a bad director in a bad movie. Because that is how JP writes - like it's a movie. One moment they could be using the word loquatious, the next OMGWTF?!
With the writing, it's the kind of overused metaphors I used to write in the sixth grade. The kind that is in every one of his teen books and gives you a literal image. It's a bit irritating. Thanks for thinking we're stupid, Mr. P.

Issue 2: inconsistensies, randomness, and him thinking that we are inside his mind. So they're running away from the One (that's in issue three). Celia shows up! Wow! Gives a cryptic message and then vanishes (again). And now they are at a building where they could a: be killed (as stated every other page) or b: they are welcomed like heroes, this is the rebellion, all these people are rather flat characters, there will be a concert, all that jazz. JP goes with option B, because somehow it's believable. No more comments.
Randomness - okay, a rock concert underground?? Really? When all the teenagers are supposedly brainwashed? And Wisty just 'happens' to have psycho powers that she's a rockstar? And now Byron and practicaly every other dude she meets is in love with her? What is the point of this nonsense? There really is none.
And then JP says all this stuff that is supposedly obvious to the plot. No. It's not. Crazy tangent that he created somehow.

And Issue 3: bad characters. The One Who is The One needs a bit of a brain. As do Wisty and Whit. Just a cheesy comic-book villian who always lets the heroes escape. Whoopdeedo.

I know I'm slamming Mr. P big time. I liked the first book. I just finished the third, and that was a bit better. I loved the first three Max Ride books. But man did I hate this one. It just seemed like recycled garbage that he didn't proof-read. Does he not have editors? Or is he just so famous that his books get published once they are 'done'?
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Silvermoon I read the first and second because if I start a series I feel obliged to finish it but I'm not really feeling it. How was book three? Is that going to be the last book or does it end and you know a forth is on the way. I'm annoyed and want to finish the series so I can move on to better things. LOL

Grace Stiles Book three was very... Bleh. It ends. They defeat the One and this other stereotypical freaky dude and Byron finally kisses Wisty and she 'suprisingly' doesn't turn him into a weasel. That's really all there is. I don't think there will be a fourth one, pretty sure it's just a trilogy (thank goodness). :)

message 3: by Lily (new)

Lily This is exactly what I thought about this book! I'm glad I'm not alone!

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