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The Commitments by Roddy Doyle
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Jan 15, 12

Most may know this book by its movie adaptation which featured Andrew Strong (whatever happened to that guy, anyway?) and the Corrs. The book captures much of the whimsical feel of the movie and is really excellent in its own right. I do love me some Roddy Doyle. He manages to use local idioms and other manners of speech to make his work feel very Irish without also making the affectations so obvious that you feel like he's doing it on purpose like some British Isles authors I could name (hello, Irvine Welsh).

The Commitments is a funny, quick read. I have a tendency to give pretty much every book I like a lot 5 stars, so if you're one of those folks who only expect to see this rating provided to classic works of fiction, perhaps you'll be disappointed. The thing is, the book itself doesn't do anything wrong. The characters are fun, the plot may feel far-fetched at times but it really isn't, and it's just... a nice read. Not every 5-star book has to be The Dubliners.

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