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Remembrance by Theresa Breslin
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Jan 09, 2012

it was amazing
Read in September, 2010

Remembrance is non-fiction book by Theresa Breslin. Remembrance is a heart warming book with a bit of romance and a lot of passion.
This book is about a 15 year old girl named Charlotte who is desperate to change the world as the World War II is taking place. She has had the passion and always wanted to be a nurse. Her brother out to war, she is longing to help the wounded and to show her medical talent. Charlotte is eager to save lives so she applies to be a nurse in a hospital to care for the sick and wounded from the bloody battle taking place. Charlotte is a girl who has a lot of potential and really wants to save someone's life. All the patients who are sent to the hospital love Charlotte. She is so kind and warm hearted and loves to make a few jokes. There is one patient who admires Charlotte because she is really kind and considerate so she goes to him very often and entertains him from time to time. Even if she enjoys working as a nurse, she misses her family especially her brother. The only thing Charlotte wishes, is not to see her brother ending up in the hospital where she will have to take care of him. Will Charlotte truly become a real nurse or will she perish by bombs hitting the hospital? All she has to do is to stay strong and believe in herself.

I really like the title of this book because it makes you remember all the losses in WWII and all the people who have fought to bring freedom to the countries involved. The title supports the picture because there are poppies in the picture which symbolize war time and fallen soldiers. This also gives a clue that the book is about the war. One of my favourite sayings in this book talk about the war being a good event. That the war could bring new things and will make a new world. (175) This shows that war isn't always a bad event and that you can also restore your country.

I love this book because it is a romantic and heart warming. I love the fact that Charlotte is so ambitious to help other people in need. I think Charlotte is a girl who represents me in a way because I am willing to help other people and I would also like to be a doctor in the future. If you like this book, you should also read 'Alone on a Wide Wide Sea', 'Deadly Diseases' and 'Out of the Hitler Time'.

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in a book which includes people with potential and kindness. The other books I mentioned are about World War II and they clearly state what happened during this period of time. Lots of people were killed and others, mostly young teenage girls, were needed to help cure the wounded and the sick.

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message 1: by Anthony (new)

Anthony I enjoyed reading your review Celia. The structure is also very well written, and I like how you even mention that you like the title of this book. Is there any part of this book you would have changed and why?

Celia To Anthony: I think that i would have written more about what happened after the war. But i wouldn't have changed anything because i thought that the whole book was really well written and every part linked to the story.

message 3: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia This is a fictional story.

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