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旧校舎のディアボロス / Diabolus of the Old School Building by Ichiei Ishibumi
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Jan 09, 12

bookshelves: j-lit, shonen, adventure, urban-fantasy, fantasy
Read from January 05 to 09, 2012

Ise's just a high school loser who's never made it with a lady, so when the beatiful Yuuma Amano asks him out, he jumps at the chance. Their first date goes spectacularly well, except for a certain incident right at the end. Just a minor thing, but a total mood kill. You see, as she's saying goodnight, Yuuma whips out a spear of light and stabs Ise in the stomach.

Hey, we've all had relationships like that. At least Yuuma got it out of the way on the first date.

As Ise lays dying, he thinks about all the things he never got to do. These mostly involve various parts of the female anatomy. Among his regrets is that he never got to ask Rias Gremory, the most popular girl in school, on a date, and he sincerely wishes that if he was going to die, it could at least be in her arms. Suddenly Rias materializes next to him and heals his wound.

Yuuma, it turns out, is a fallen angel, and Rias is a demon. After the fallen angels were kicked out of heaven, they moved to hell and tried to take the place over from the devils who already lived there. They've been at war ever since. Yuuma targeted Ise because he has a magical power known as a Sacred Gear which could be a threat to the fallen angels. When Rias saves him, she transforms him into a demon and he must become her servant.

In broad outlines, there's nothing too original here. The first half of the novel bears a strong resemblance to Shakugan no Shana, right down to the scene where Shana/Rias spends the night in Yuji/Ise's room. But there's one important difference -- Rias isn't a tsundere. Although she gets annoyed at Ise a couple of times, it's well justified by his actions. But mostly she treats him as a valuable minion. And Ise for his part isn't a bland shonen protagonist who exists to be a punching bag for Clobberella. Much like Kyon and Konoha, he's an active player in the story who offers hilarious narration to the craziness around him. Hilarious and perverted. Where most guys might balk at being turned into demons, Ise accepts the situation the moment Rias tells him he can use his new powers to create a harem -- because, hey, what's eternal damnation as long as you get laid?

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