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Lady J by L. Divine
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Jan 09, 2012

really liked it

Monday, January 2, 2012
Pages 1-47

Tania is pregnant with Jeremy's child. Tania comes out of nowhere and asks Jeremy if he missed her. Mickey gets sick of Tania and throws her drink at Tania and it splashes all over her chest. Tania calls Mickey a hoochie and Mickey attacks Tania.

The book reminds me of the time when my friend got in a fight with this girl in my school over her constant gossiping. She got sick of it and started jumping her. This book made me realize true friends will stick up for you no matter what because Mickey was sticking up for Jayd in the situation. Jayd was just sitting there taking in what Tania had to say. An important theme is don't run your mouth where it is not needed.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Pages 48-111

Jayd and Chance are auditioning for the part of Lady and Sir Macbeth. Chance kept joking around so he had to sit down. Jayd was forced to audition alone. Jayd got Lady Macbeth and her enemy, Reid got Sir Macbeth and he was happy. Laura, Reid's girlfriend said Jayd won't be Lady Macbeth for long.

This book made me realize that some people are jerks and they wish for the worse for some people. The character, Laura, is confident because she is so sure that Jayd won't be Lady Macbeth for long. If I were Reid, I would quit the play because Laura is jealous and he should feel bad for her.

Monday, January 9, 2012
Pages 112-144

Misty is getting yelled at by KJ and Misty isn't feeling well, so Jayd decides to help out Misty. Jayd stood up for Misty when Misty's crew didn't. Jayd takes Misty to her house and Mama gave Misty some "lemonade".

The character, Jayd, is a good person because she stood up for her enemy, Misty, when no one else would. If I were Misty, I would be ashamed because someone I despise helped me out when no one else would. I learned while reading that some people make friends with the wrong people.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pages 145-185

Misty and her crew are after Jayd because they think she's a witch. She got Nigel, Raheem, and Jeremy on her side though. Misty thought Jayd kidnapped her to school to steal her DNA. She thought that Jayd wanted Kj back.

This book made me realize that Misty is a bad person because even thought Jayd helped her, she is still accusing her of things. The character, Misty, is always coming up with stuff because she can't accept that Jayd helped her. If I were Jayd, I wouldn't have helped Misty because of the way Misty reacted.


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