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A Crown Imperilled by Raymond E. Feist
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Feb 21, 2012

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This book was initially going to get a 4 stars from me. It is an enjoyable Silverthorn-style story, where you follow many different characters on their various endeavors that are direct follow-up from the previous book. You get Martin trying to defend the city of Ylith, Hal and Ty escorting a princess in the woods while being harassed by pirates, and the magic users Pug, Magnus, etc trying to understand what the heck is behind all this.

However, this book came down to 3 stars for editing reasons. I understand the typos issue, Ray is dyslexic, fine. But can the publishing house not get a good editor for this?? When a native french speaking individual like me spots about a dozen of typos, how come an editor PAID to do it miss those?? And it gets worse.... Chapter 15 gets mixed up in characters, i.e. Pug was investigating an island in Chapter 4 and when we get a follow up of this in Chapter Pug has been changed with Magnus. This is one of the biggest editorial mistake I've seen, and shows quite a bit of carelessness. Ray himself admitted the mistake and was furious about it, he made the change prior publication but his modified chapter didn't make it through. Paperback versions will be corrected but still, this is in my opinion unacceptable from a publishing house. While these can be certainly blamed on the House instead of Ray, there are still irritating things in this books from his own writing, mostly repetitions. For example, on one page Hal "puts an injured princess on his back like a sack of grain" and then 1 page later, "Hal put the princess on his back like a sack of grain". I had the impression he forgot he used the same figure of style before that. Again, in one of the first chapters we get an explanation twice in the same 2-3 pages that Gorath did this and that, and it felt like he forgot he mentioned it the page before.

These repetitions wouldn't be so bad, there are few and the story *is* enjoyable. But with the addition of typos and that amazing mistake of Chapter 15, I can't give this book more than 3 stars. There is too much carelessness into it.
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