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The Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens
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Jun 30, 2008

it was ok
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Read in June, 2008

The issues collected in this book were published at the height of my foray into comic book collecting. However, I haven't read this ultra-popular (Best Selling Graphic Novel of All Time, and all) story until now, 15 years later. Back then I was too busy reading everything Image Comics popped out, and trying to keep with the Silver Surger and Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

Honestly, I wasn't missing much. As far as this being the story that tells the world of the death of the Superman, it's tripe. Only this story stinks more. I don't if the writers of these series (Jurgens, Ordway, etc.) did anything else of note in their careers, but this whole storyline is really meaningless. The only thing that makes it compelling is that the reader knows Superman will die in the end (and I mean very end, like very last panel end). Doomsday, the monster who kills Superman, is just a huge brute, whose path of destruction leads him to Metropolis (apparently he's a big pro wrestling fan and wants to see some big Wrestlemania-like event being held there). Death may not have any meaning in life, but you'd think the greatest myth-makers in the world could come up with something better than this for Superman. He dies protecting his city, sure, but from what? Doomsday isn't necessarily evil. He's just bent on carnage - and who can blame him. The DC universe looks pretty bland on these pages and the JLA needs to get its ass get kicked.

These books came out when comic publishers were glutting the market with huge interconnected storylines and alternative covers and just general silliness. Superman #75 probably sold more than any other comic book. A similar thing happened recently when Marvel killed off Captain America.

Honestly, who cares? Superheroes don't die. That's why people read superhero comic books. You can't take that away from us - and if you try, please come up with something tragic, not meaningless and random. Make it so Superman has to die.

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