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Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jan 24, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from January 10 to 14, 2012

Memorable Scenes:
- the line-up scene > awesome action and great start of the book
- Lucan and Gabrielle > this scene is a perfect example of why I love this series so much
- Chase telling Tavia about his past and pointless fight to get his father's approval > I was moved and wanted to hug him
- the presentation ceremony of Xander Raphael > beautiful scene

Tavia Fairchild is the kind of heroine I love to read. She’s persistent, fearless, take-charge and composed. She’s been suffering from night terrors and anxiety attacks her whole life but she doesn’t let that stop her getting ahead in life and doing what she loves to do. I loved her especially when she's like a dog with a bone when she's on to something or something just doesn't add up in her eyes.

I suspected her true nature because of the clues given early on in the book and still when it was revealed I was in awe. I was also wondering how it was going to be played out in the plot and the romance because this brought on a lot of possibilities.

Sterling Chase is insubordinate, cocky, distant and composed. But that’s the outside. On the inside he’s intense, caring and once he lets go of his self-imposed control he’s very giving. He’s on the verge of falling into Bloodlust, giving in to his blood addiction yet he's still willing to sacrifice himself for his fellow Order members and the cause of the Order.

I’ve had my eye on Sterling Chase from the first moment he set foot on the scene in book 3 of this series. I knew I was going to love him as a hero and I did. Even more than I ever could have hoped. He awed me with his sense of honor and his strength of will.

The romance between Tavia and Chase was slow in the making. There was even a love scene between another (former main) couple before any sparks fly between the couple starring in this book. However, when it got going it just blew me away. Now *that* was absolutely worth the slow buildup. Tavia is the perfect match for Chase, couldn't have wished for a better heroine for him.

I loved the plot from the start. The book started out awesome and strong, right where the previous book ended, and it was action-packed and kept me on the edge of my seat from the get-go. It was breathtaking! A few chapters in I really hoped Dragos was going to get his comeuppance in this book. I was about done with this evil bloodthirsty bastard megalomaniac and thought it would be poetic justice if Chase and Tavia were to be the ones to bring him down.

There were some things I saw coming and expected and I didn't mind that at all. I loved seeing my speculations come true. But there were also a lot of twists and turns I didn't see coming at all. These surprises were mind-blowing! I went from one to another and each and every one left me in awe of Lara Adrian's imagination and ability to come up with these twists and turns. I love, love, love the direction she took and is taking the plot and the world in this book.

The things I love the most of this series, the camaraderie within the Order, the involvement of all the previous main couples and crucial secondary characters in the story-arc and the development of the overall plot-arc and world, were all present in full-force in this 10th installment of the Midnight Breed.

What I love about this series is that every book adds something new to series. DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT was no exception and I would say the happenings and revelation in this one were some of the most exciting so far.
As with most of the previous books, when I was done I was left with the satisfied feeling of having questions answered and plotlines solved but also with that exciting feeling of wanting to know what's more to come and the anticipation of getting the newly arisen questions answered and new directions in the plot taken.

My high expectations of Chase's story were definitely met and I'll go as far as even saying they were absolutely exceeded. Next to being filled to the brim with exciting action, excellent romance and a brilliant plot, there was humor infused with subtlety that took off just the right amount of edge at exactly the right moments. I cannot but rate this book a perfect 10! The first in this series and very much deserved!

Favorite Quotes:
Her paltry attempt to stop him hardly made him pause. But in that split-second moment, his gaze broke to hers. There was something unearthly in those eyes . . . something that seemed to crackle with unholy fire. Something that cleaved straight into the center of her being like the sharp edge of a blade, even as it stirred a dark curiosity that beckoned her closer.

More of the quenching fluid that cooled the desert that was her throat. More of the power that was surging into every particle of her being, soothing the ache of her racked bones and muscles, calming the fury—the violent tempest of animal rage—that had first awakened her from her sleep overnight and left her shivering and confused, huddled on the floor of the room.
She wanted more of the pleasure that had started with her first taste of the spicy dark elixir that flowed over her tongue like liquid velvet from some exotic other world.

It struck her, how easily he assumed the role of leader. It seemed to come naturally to him, leaping to the front lines, clearing the way for others to follow him. She caught a glimpse of something golden in him in that moment, something shining and heroic beneath the rough surface of the dangerous man he was now.

He stared at her. Then he laughed, low and cynical. His hand withdrew from hers now, leaving a chill behind on her skin. “You should know something about me, Tavia. I don’t have friends. What I do have is a bad habit of disappointing everyone around me. Better you hear that now than be fool enough to think you can count on me later.”

10 out of 10 - PERFECT READ!!
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