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The Stars in the Bright Sky by Alan Warner
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Jan 09, 12

Alan Warner's cracking sequel to 'The Sopranos' gives us the girls in their twenties now, Orla gone so the group is augmented by a posh uni friend of Finn's, thus balancing out the educated/non-educated ratio. It has to be said that the educated ones aren't always the smartest. Using Gatwick as a metaphor for modern life in his 9/11 novel, Warner mercilessly exposes the bleak aridity of our materialistic, celebrity-obsessed society. Manda, the working-class single mum has evolved to become token manageress in her sister's beauty parlour, and is surely one of the great comic mcnster literary characters, while Warner still manages to retain our sympathy for her. The drinking remains epic. In fact, sex, brand names and drink remain the great points of life for girls who can imagine little else (though in the case of rich philosophy student Ava, coke is good too). A hilarious, chilling fable for our times

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