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Being George Washington by Glenn Beck
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Jul 08, 2014

it was amazing
Read from January 08 to 15, 2012

“Being George Washington” by Glenn Beck
Written as a telling of history from the Revolutionary War through Washington’s death, Beck used a chronology of dates, with frequent back tracking to significant points, noting the date and location such events took place. If you follow the timeline it makes sense and brings a fullness to the story he tells.
The moral of the story here is that George Washington was something of a God given instrument for the birth of our nation. He often said, “that doing the easy thing is rarely right, and doing the right thing is rarely easy. “ Building this nation was not easy.
The first three quarters of the book deal with the War and how difficult and almost impossible a feat it was to defeat the British. Basically we could not likely have succeeded had it not been for the French and their support. They only wanted us to succeed because they were also at war with the British. The incredible losses early in the war make it remarkable the Revolution was won at all.
Once the War was won another battle came with building a Constitution and government. Many of the key players did not agree and the battle between small and large states made a bit of lobbying necessary to compromise on anything. Some wanted to name Washington King and even referred to him as “Excellency” against his wishes. Even when he served as President he stepped down after two terms knowing that professional politicians did not serve the country well.
Beck brings forth the point that many want to rewrite our Constitution and make it a “living document” changing with the times. Washington foretold of this desire from the beginning and warned against such as the beginning of the end for the republic. Further the Constitution relies on a moral populace with a belief in God and liberty. It’s also based on a free market economy of honest people. When treachery and deceit reign, the house of honest men will fall into civil disobedience and decay. Further, that career politicians have crippled our government with an elderly and unproductive group living off the public dole and doing little more than showing up to vote their party line.
Many of the founding fathers who played a lesser role in our nation’s formation were exposed in a greater light than most of us had known them from grade school or even college history classes. There were some interesting connections as relationships were built on staying at one another’s homes or sleeping in battlefield tents and sharing scant rations. Even physical descriptions allow us to see Washington towering over slightly built soldiers and commanding with his stature alone.
Although the battles can become a bit tedious they build the story and engage the character of George Washington as an almost angelic force and definitely the most indispensable man in history. Where would we all be if not for his success and where would the world be without America for the last two hundred plus years?
Beck calls out for our country to work toward creating the next George Washington through education, morality, and conscious. At a time when we really need him again, who will be the next George Washington?

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