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Angelfall by Susan Ee
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Jan 08, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: highly-addictive
Read in January, 2012

This book is supposedly about angels.
However, the plot is so erratic that readers will find themselves having a hard time catching up with the storyline. Soon, readers might forget all about angels altogether.
Don't understand? Let me give you an analogy of the likely writing style of Ms Ee, using the classic tale of the one and only Cinderella.
Cinderella is abused by her stepmother and stepsisters after her father died. One day she uncovers an assassination plot by her sisters. She flees into the Forbidden Forest to save her hide. Stumbling in the dark after a few days, she arrives at Hogwarts where she seeks refuge. She trains herself in defense of the dark arts and martial arts. Not long after she wanders accidentally into the Chamber of Secrets and she discovers the greatest secret of all - her father is alive! The surprise doesn't end there - she stows away out of Hogwarts - which is apparently forbidden or else punishable by setting ogres on you - to save her dad. She uses her kick-ass fighting abilities to whip the arses of the ogres and trolls and goblins she meets along the way. But oh no! Cinderella is kidnapped by aliens whom she is unable to overpower - and vaguely remembers that she has lost her glass slipper at some point in time (hell, readers forget Cinderella's real name and think that her name is Xena or Katniss by now) but Cinderella does not pause to mope about her sidelined shoe which has now only become a distraction during combat. The surprises just keep coming. Cinderella/Xena/Katniss is taken to the lair of the faeries, and realizes that the mastermind behind her abduction and the subsequent plan for world domination is **gasp** her father! She somehow meets with a prince who is "perfect in every way, has lean and strong muscles to defend himself and his girl, drop-dead gorgeous and hot! Hot! Hot!" They exchange witty banter and fall in love, but their romance is doomed because Prince Charming is a vampire! The heroine - what's her name again? - and her blood are the prince's personal brand of heroin, but nevertheless, they throw a ball to celebrate their blossoming romance, but alas, things never go smoothly for our heroine, for she is cursed since birth! By the time the clock strikes midnight at the ball... the end.

Hey! Only suddenly you realize that the story of Cinderella is actually nothing about Cinderella. Yeah, ironic.
Of course the actual story of Angelfall is nothing like the above story - I exaggerated a wee bit. But my point is that Angelfall is filled with so many twists and turns in the plot that most of the scenes have virtually no link with the previous parts. As much as readers may forget the critical elements and the key-defining themes that make up the "unparodied" story of Cinderella, readers too will likely forget that Angelfall is supposed to be based on angels. And of course the abrupt cliffhanger ending in Angelfall adds to the frustration of its readers.
So, why am I giving Angelfall four stars still? In an unfanthomable, mind-baffling way, the story still works. Instead of laughing at its absurdity, readers will be gripping the pages so tightly that the book is devoured with the hands rather than the eyes, and with their eyes glued to each word throughout the story. Ms Susan Ee has left many of the mysteries and questions in the book unanswered, and as irritating as it may be, Ms Ee has cleverly given herself sufficient leeway and space for a second installment. Further strengths of the book include the vividly developed characters, especially Penryn and Raffe. Penryn comes off as talented and kind-hearted without any hint of arrogance or pretense. Raffe also is well-portrayed to be enticingly badass and chivalrous at the same time, without morphing into yet another creepy obsessive stalker-cum-lover such as Patch of Hush Hush and Adam DeRis of Carrier of The Mark. Moreover, the romance is believable and cinnamon sweet, more of at the emotional level than at the **eck** physical level.
Another reason why I gave the book four stars: I heart Raffe! I heart Raffe! I heart Raffe! <3 <3 <3 xoxo
I apologize if I may seem a tad harsh and sarcastic in my review, but besides the erratic plot, Angelfall is marvelously written; even the unpredictable, haphazard storyline barely diminishes the entertainment provided by the book. To summarize, reading the book felt like a fast-paced and exhilarating roller-coaster ride; not only will readers be out of breath, but also, they will be left breathless. Angelfall is definitely worth a try.
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Quotes Kimmy Liked

Susan Ee
“I never kid about my warrior demigod status."
"Oh. My. God." I lower my voice, having forgotten to whisper. "You are nothing but a bird with an attitude. Okay, so you have a few muscles, I’ll grant you that. But you know, a bird is nothing but a barely evolved lizard. That’s what you are.”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

Susan Ee
“I don’t know which is worse—that Raffe didn’t jump in to defend me, or that he bet that I would lose.”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

Susan Ee
“Are you all right?” It’s a stupid question because there’s not much I can do for him if he isn’t all right, but it just tumbles out.
He snorts. “Aside from being beaned with a rock, I’ll live.”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

Susan Ee
“I've never killed anyone before. What frightens me isn't that I'm killing someone. What frightens me is how easy it is.”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

Susan Ee
“Why were the other angels attacking you?"

"It's impolite to ask the victim of violence what they did to be attacked.”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

Susan Ee
“In the long second before everyone absorbs what just happened, I see the angel rolling his eyes heavenward, like a teenager in the presence of overwhelming lameness. Some people just have no sense of gratitude.”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

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