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Naked in Death by J.D. Robb
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Jun 29, 2008

it was ok
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So, this one was recced by my friend Zanne and as a result of Fandom Wank (an internet community I belong to) -- someone linked a romance novel kerfuffle where Nora Roberts was being awesome. So I decided to check out one of the books she wrote that was not explicitly a romance.

The In Death series is a police procedural set in a future NYC. The main character, Eve, is a cop who gets the case to investigate the murder of a prostitute who also happens to be the granddaughter of an influential conservative senator. Soon, there were more murders, turning Senator's Granddaughter Gets Killed to Serial Killer Kills Prostitutes. The case was moderately interesting -- I kind of pinged the people involved within the first half of the book, and was mostly reading on to see how they did it. Decent airplane reading, but not something I'd keep around.

What tips the scale is the subplot. Eve falls for someone involved in the case -- which again, gets my hackles up. Listen, authors, if you try to create suspense by having Cop-Protagonist's Love Interest be potentially the Killer, it most likely isn't going to work on me. Because I don't think you are the type to have it turn out to be true, then make Protagonist arrest her love interest AND get into serious trouble for dating/having sex with someone involved in a current case. Maybe if it was an existing love interest, or someone would actually have the protagonist make that mistake and reap the consequences.

Add in that I think Eve's love interest is a rich and pompous jerkwad who makes the average cat win prizes for altruism in comparison. Seriously, I got nothing but negative vibes from him -- even when he moved from 'I want in her pants' to 'I really do love her', I still got the impression that his fundamental nature didn't change. Which bugged me, since Eve was changing for him (I'll take 'Healing Cock' for 100, Alex) -- it made the relationship have a bit of an uncomfortable power balance.

Yeah, I was rooting for him to be the Killer even though I knew that the author wouldn't do that to Eve. I wanted to send him through the effing wall.

Yeah, probably not conductive to continuing the series when I'm rooting for the main love interest to just leave. Unless he does, I mean.
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