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Save Me by Lisa Scottoline
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Jan 08, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: chick-lit, rubbish
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This is the worst book I have ever finished. It is complete rubbish, but that is the catch. The sheer idiocy of it makes it a page turner. Just when you think the author has hit the pinnacle of stupidity, another absurd plot twist takes off and I was left in disbelief at the fact that the story could become any more implausible.

However, it is not just the plot that is lacking. The writing itself is enough to earn it the dubious honor of being tagged “rubbish” (I had to add that tag just for this novel. I should have gone with my gut, given up, and just tagged this one as a “yucky-did-not-finish.) I will spare you the ongoing list of examples of extremely poor writing that I compiled in my head while reading, but you will get to enjoy a few.

First, the author writes plain craziness. For example, “Every mom is an action hero.” –p. 328. What the hell? The main character gets a makeover, solves a major mystery, and then makes it home in time to make dinner. What is this garbage? Who is in this target audience of action hero moms?

Next, the author really enjoys using the word “Klieglights.” (That is her spelling, not mine. If only this were the only aspect of the book that screamed for better editing, but it is minor.) I would suggest partaking in your favorite indulgence each time you encounter the term; it will make the story pass in a far more interesting manner.

Better yet, don’t waste your time. Put this book back on the shelf and back away slowly. Don’t even bother checking it out from the library. This book is a complete and utter waste of time; it is RUBBISH!
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Dorothy Your comment on the "klieglights" made me laugh out loud. That bugged me too. Love your review!

Laura Your "ongoing list of examples of extremely poor writing that I compiled in my head while reading"? I had one too and if I took the energy to write them down, it would be a long, but amusing list! And amen about the "klieglights". What was it, 42 times? (I didn't really count; that's just a guess!)

Kara i thought i was the only on with the klieglights! and the dieting metaphors are killing me...

Kathy I keep screaming Klieglights! every time she writes it. Cannot believe I am still trudging through this horror (I am sick, can't stand to quit one)

Karen LOL about the klieglights! I felt the same and the "Kristenburgers"? I really thought the book was going to be focused on "bullying" and in the first few chapters I felt so bad for Rosie...but then she gets this makeover and becomes "super hero Mom/investigator" disappointing....

Kathy Oh, yikes, I forgot the "Kristenburgers." I am usually such a over starrer (I LOVE a lot of books) that one stars are notably wretched.

message 7: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin I'm with you Kathy. I tend to give out a lot of four and five star reviews. This book was one that was just too bad.

Dianne By page 117 kleiglights was used at least 7 times. In the second half "chirped" was way overused....i chirped my car unlocked, I chirped my car locked...etc, etc. Cheesy writing... with a super sickeningly sweet happy ending

Robin I noticed that about the kleiglights, I actually begun to think that maybe there was going to be some connection to the story. lol

Cayleigh Stickler I laughed so hard about the klieglights that I woke up my baby. I didn't even know what they were until I read this book.

message 11: by Sarah Lea (new)

Sarah Lea Stories This author also seems to use ersatz a lot, and it never sounds quite right in the context.

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