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The Struggle by L.J. Smith
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Jan 08, 2012

really liked it
Read in December, 2011

Finally on page 133 of the book they mention that what they're dealing with are vampires. This series is very similar to the Twilight saga. These vampires can walk around in the daylight if they wear a specially crafted piece of jewelry with a gemstone. There are two vampire brothers. Damon, the older brother, with straight, dark hair and dark eyes. And the younger brother, Stefan, with green eyes and dark, wavy hair. Their last name is Salvatore which is Italian and means "Savior." They're both originally from Renaissance Italy. Stefan had come to Fell's Church, Virginia, to try to have a semblance of a normal life. But that was all in vain because his older brother followed him and all types of tragedies and strange happenings started to occur in Fell's Church. And everyone was blaming Stefan since they all started when he arrived. They're locked in battle for the love of the human Elena Gilbert, blond, blue-eyed and perfect. She's the Queen of Robert E. Lee High School. Both her parents died in a car accident somewhat recently. Her Aunt Judith came to live with her and her four year old sister Margaret. Aunt Judith is engaged to a man named Robert. Elena and Stefan are in love but most people are against the love match because they suspect Stefan of the murders and attacks. It's like Elena is going out with the bad boy in the school from the wrong side of the tracks. Elena is also locked in a rivalry with one of her ex-best friends, Caroline. But she has they loyalty of her friends Meredith, Bonnie, and Matt. Also someone has stolen Elena's diary and plans to use it against her on Founder's Day and humiliate her and get Stefan killed or driven out of town. I'll leave it at that. I won't give away the ending. But the climax of the story was great and the book is well-written. A good series so far. These vampires have special powers of the shadows and the dark. If they feed on humans and grow in power they can transform into animals and they can manipulate the weather. I recommend this series for ages 14 and up. It's young adult literature. So far, so good.

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