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The Uplift War by David Brin
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Jul 01, 2007

it was amazing
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David Brin is probably my third favorite writer, and of all his books, I believe this one is his best. David Brin is actually an astrophysicist and is an incredibly smart man, and so his science fiction is well thought out.
He has created a universe known as "The Uplift Universe," Of which the gist is, that since long long, loooooong ago, the first sentient species in the cosmos, The Progenitors, started genetically improving to consciousness other species, creating thinking companions for themselves and eventually many species of aliens. Millions of yeas later, Humanity runs into a universe with a culture that has been around for hundreds of millions of years.
Humanity is a "wolfling clan," meaning that we have no known uplifting ancestors who improved us, known as a Patrons, which is a very dangerous thing because that means no protection.
In Star Tide Rising, a ship crewed by Dolphins (uplifted clients of humanity) stumble upon a dangerous discovery that sets the entire galactic culture at war with itself and has everyone attacking Human territory for reasons we don't understand fully in the books.
In this ook, one of Humanity's Planets, Garth, is attacked, and Humans, Chimpanzee clients, and Timbrimi (humor loving aliens who have befriend mankind because we are "funny" must fight off the invaders and at the same time try to do all they can to end the war before earth it self becomes a target.
The best thing about this book is in a way, everything is twisted into the longest well written joke ever told.
I highly recommend the Uplift Series, and The Uplift War in particular.

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