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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien
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Jan 08, 12

I read this book when I was about six years old, having plucked it off the shelf at the school library because it had a mouse on the cover, and because I had wanted to challenge myself to read a really thick book (200-odd pages of course being like a fantasy epic to a six-year-old). I loved it even though it was a bit sad, and I was so proud of myself for having finished it that I boasted about it to everyone. I learned all sorts of new words, like "pneumonia", which I was only informed halfway through the book was supposed to have a silent P.

It was a turning point in my little six-year-old life. The "chapter books" we read in class, which had maybe 40 pages if we were lucky, no longer held any kind of interest for me. Look at the giant books I could read now! And my teachers, while admitting that I was at an abnormally high reading level (and so modest, too), still expected me to be satisfied with Aussie Bites! It was an outrage!

Fortunately I also discovered the merits of reading at home, reading books that were not given to me by my teacher, but that I just felt like reading for myself. I survived. I developed an especial friendship with the school librarian, who went on to recommend a lot of wonderful fantasy books to me over the years. And now here I am. I've read books with 1000 pages! Even more! Six-year-old me would be gaping in awe if she could see me now. She'd pick up Lord of the Rings just to try to show me up. What a brat.

To be honest I don't actually remember much of this book at all, so I'll probably re-read it sometime soon, but that is my fond memory that is forever attached to it.

And I still boast. "Did you know, I read The Rats of NIMH when I was six years old..."
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Faith Aah,you sound just like me!(sorry if that sounded creepy)

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