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The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Ah, this was another of the books in the series that had a truly tragic hero and the story was seriously heartbreaking. All of the heroes in this series have awful pasts, but Seth's, along with Acheron's, Zarek's Jericho's and Xypher's, stands out the most. I can't believe what he went through. The books like these ones truly end up as my favorites. I completely fell in love with Seth. I hope we get to see both him and Lydia again in the future. Since Solin's book has yet to come out, I wouldn't be surprised if we see them both then. Speaking of Solin, I loved him even more because of this book. I wondered what secret he could possibly have and it was a doozy. I figured out before it was revealed, but still, he was so loving. It's a side of Solin he doesn't tend to show. I think it's because Lydia was raised by Solin that makes her such a good heroine for Seth. I really liked her. She was a bit on the naive side, but she was kind. Fierce, too and crazy loyal. She was able to show Seth real love and gain his in return.

And my heart hurt even more for Jaden. I knew his situation was terrible and I hate that he feels so much shame and grief over what he did to Seth. I hate that he's trapped in Azmodea. I really hope someone gets him free. I know when Jaden and Jared's stories get told, they'll break my heart. Someone needs to kick Noir and Azura's asses. They more than deserve it. Those bitches the Phonoi do, too as well as the Dolophoni that rebelled against Deimos and Phobos. I wonder who the Dream-Hunter traitor is? Who went and turned on Solin & company and tried to get Lydia killed? I honestly have no clue as to who it could be. I wonder if it's someone we met before. And kudos to Nick/Ambrose for what he did for Seth and Lydia at the end. Sort of makes up for what Adarian did to Seth all those years ago. Speaking of which, when will we get confirmation of Madoc's relation to Nick? I think I know what it is, but I'd love confirmation. That cliffhanger is still killing me. I want to know what Madoc said to Jared after he dropped that bomb.

Overall, awesome book. Can't wait for Time Untime to come out in June. I'm actually sad now that I'm caught up on the series. Now I have to wait like everyone else. Still, the books are worth it. I wonder what world we'll be in after Time Untime. Who's book will be told next? Along with this series, I can't wait to see what will come next in The Chronicles of Nick. Will Ambrose save himself? There's so much to look forward to in this world. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon for the characters she has created.

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