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Hellboy, Vol. 3 by Mike Mignola
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Jun 30, 2007

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Recommended for: Reader Friendly Noir Fans | Sword and Sorcery Fans
Read in January, 2006

This is basically a generic review of all the HellBoy and HellBoy related books.

Fact is, they're intricately connected. Even the stories which were one shots, they become part of the HellBoy character.

Relying more on imagery than senseless exposition, Mike Mignola manages to bring a bit of Noir to his Detective in Red, as he fights the minions of darkness. Despite the obvious "demon turned hero who fights hell," noir feel, these HellBoy comics are less disturbing than the last few years of mainstream DC - you will not see visibly graphic rape scenes, and much of the blood is black rather than gratuitous pools of red (as if someone spilled their ink jar). The swearing is also at a minimum. HellBoy is also, in many spots, a light but enjoyable read (surprising? well, as I said before, he's got that detective thing going for him).

Slated to be evil from his origins, HellBoy proves it isn't what you are born as that makes you who you are, it's who you become through the choices made in your life.

HellBoy is a superhero. But unlike common superheroes of the 70s, 80s and 90s, HellBoy feels real. He's as real as Zorro, as real as The Shadow, as real as the Lone Ranger. He's a demon by all accounts biological, but he's got a good hearted soul and fights for what he believes is right.

Working for the B.P.R.D (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense), he has two close friends: Abe Sapien (a merman of unknown origin) and Liz Sherman (a troubled woman with uncontrollable pyrokensis).

In this book, the collected stories help to diversify HellBoy's psyche, as well as motivations for his upcoming absence. The Movie helps quite a bit in understanding HellBoy, but the movie is not the same exact HellBoy as in the comics. Just like the cartoons of HellBoy aren't the same, and neither are the Animated mini comics. This is done on purpose by Mike as he loves using each of these universes to explore roads not taken.

However, the characterizations are all alike. Once you know HellBoy of the cartoons, you know the HellBoy of the movie or comic (with only minor alterations).

For anyone who likes semi-realistic heroes, combined with paranormal, and normal enemies. Go Grab HellBoy now!

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