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In the Blood by Steve  Robinson
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Jan 08, 2012

it was ok
Read from January 31 to February 01, 2012

This was enjoyable much of the time, but there are inconsistencies here and there that annoyed me for a bit, but I kept going. This was easy since a tablet version is easier to keep in a purse to carry around and then read when sitting and waiting somewhere, and it is a mystery, after all. I'd place it as 2.5 but the stars reflect that I didn't feel like going back to check on details to see if they add up, and I usually do. BTW, I like the format as light and flexible, but there are down sides, like not being able to clean the fingernails as with paper, but ah well, there are always metro tickets for that!

If I had already figured out how to mark passages in this new apparatus, I guess it would have been easy to look back for explanatory details I'd missed, and I'd also have tons of quotations to illustrate deeper comments;e.g., some of the similes were either forced (no example) or a bit familiar (this one is but with a twist, from memory: "teased the rum[wine?] through her ruby lips" for the barmaid). Luckily these began to fade to a minimum of wordiness, without losing the level achieved at evoking the environs or characterization, as we got through the chapters for developing character and situation, setting the scene for the action that did pick up. This allows the 0.5 concession, since I was caught anyway to find out how it worked out, with much left to as late as possible.

However, the very end was a down to say the least, and was hardly needed, going against all the good seen in the main characters for the sake of the least denominator, the silliest character of all. Okay, it'll hopefully be a fling, but still...
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message 1: by Hayes (new)

Hayes I thought this looked interesting... ah well. If I fall over a copy I will read it.

Joje It was a Kindle deal for little money, which is a good way to fall over it. I'd be interested in your reactions, truth told. It shows promise, and the situation and trigger are very good, but you also react to the forced simile (as does S.King). I, oddly, loved them in Bridge to Terabithia, but wonder if I would now, my favorite there being something like his mother being as angry as a jar full of flies or something similar. Now that sings to a Texas girl!

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