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The Shadow of Malabron by Thomas Wharton
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Jan 07, 2012

really liked it

The Shadow of Malabron is a well-written book about a teenage boy named Will Lightfoot who crashes his fathers motercycle while on his way to The Perilous Realm , which he thought to be a carnival, he was dead wrong. The Perilous Realm is the world of stories, a place where stories are life and life is full of stories. There, Will is catapulted into a world very different from his own, and into a story of his own.

The Entrances and Exits to this world though are constantly moving from place to place, varying from a cave enterance to a portal. Will, not knowing this, went deeper into this strange world looking for the Carnival . After he got in, he couldn't get out because the Gateless Gate he used to get in, vanished.

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Personally, I liked the book but it was Cliche and done before, it was well-written and fun-to-read but kind of boring too. It was also hard to focus on because of the odd-uneven-pace as well as the large amount of information crammed into very few pages. If I were to re-write this book, I would split it into two smaller novels so I could take my time with the pace of the story and the information I include inside.

Still a great novel and amazing way to pass the time! I highly reccommend it to anyone who's got the time. I also hear there's a second book but I've yet to find it! (The Fathomless Fire.) Also, if you liked this book, I roccommend Rangers Apprentice because John Flanagan and Thomas Wharton have similiar writing styles.


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