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Kevin's Point of View by Del Shannon
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Jan 22, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 07 to 22, 2012

The Good
Kevin's Point of View is not my typical read. But when Shannon contacted me to review his book, he presented it in such a way that I had to know what this book was about. And I can honestly tell you I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. It has non-stop action, a great protagonist that you continuously cheer for, and a seriously evil bad guy that you can't help but yell out "Why won't you die?" every time he shows up to once again wreak havoc.

I was surprised how heartfelt some of this book was. Kevin has not been the same since his father died. The only way he can deal with the pain of his father's death is to retreat into a fantasy world where he has complete control of his surroundings and actions. A place where no emotions and real-world problems can find him. Surprisingly, Kevin's creative imagination becomes vital when Devin, the bad guy, stops at nothing to retrieve his Influxitron. The very item that was mailed to Kevin by mistake. Through the help of his family and friends, Kevin escapes Devin's reach time and time, but this frightening chase of cat and mouse is not simply a scary adventure. The Influxitron, the very thing Devin is after, has the power to change the future in a catastrophic way.

Kevin made this book. I literally cried from laughing so hard in just the first few chapters. Kevin's antics as Captain Disaster was down-right hilarious. How he created a fantastical world in his head and related it to the real world was pure genius. If for no other reason, I had to keep reading this book just to see what shenanigans Kevin got himself into next. And his friend Tony is the perfect contrast to Kevin. Tony is a realist, he can't hide from reality as Kevin so easily does. And so Tony is the constant worrier, though I can't blame him. If I had Devin and his lackeys trying to chase me down and kill me, I'd be freaking out like crazy. I think Tony's fear is what helps Kevin take charge of every situation. He has to be the brave one if they both want to get out of this situation alive.

I loved the fact that Betsy, Kevin's sister, and her boyfriend, Scratch, were caught up in the mix. Scratch, the pizza delivery boy, really made me smile every time he showed up. He had a way of making light of a dire situation to the point that I was in hysterics, even when the bad guys were winning. Scratch was the much needed comedic relief that helped me get through this book, even when I was tense with anxiety (which was all the time).

Devin is the perfect devious bad guy. I truly hated him from the start and wanted bad, bad things to happen to him. There is no redemption when it comes to Devin.

Shannon has somehow weaved together an adventurous and mysterious plot with a mosaic cast of characters that when brought together produces reader gold. How he could amp up the action with every turn of the page is beyond me. Reading this book is like being on a constant adrenaline high. And even through all the action and suspense, Shannon found a way to evoke emotions that even the most cold-hearted person could not deny.

And the ending. Can anyone say 'wow'? The conclusion of this nerve-wracking tale is nothing short of brilliant. How everything was wrapped up and explained had me walking away satisfied.

The Bad
Halfway through the book, when we have not only Kevin and Tony running for their lives, but Pudge, Betsy, and Scratch, too, I felt Kevin was put on the back burner. He was the character I came to love from the get-go so I wish the focus stayed on him throughout the novel.

Pudge was a little childish for me, especially since he was suppose to be an adult.

The Snuggly
This is a very clean book. Great for schools to carry.

I have to applaud Shannon on a job well done. I truly enjoyed reading Kevin's Point of View. I am so happy I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and read a book unlike my usual genres. And I want to thank Shannon for sending me a signed copy of his book. This was an expertly and cleverly written story that caught my interest and never let go.

"What on earth possessed you to jump out the bathroom window without clothes on, Kevin?" she asked in her 'my-life-is-too-hard' voice. "What will our neighbors think? I'll tell you what they'll think. They'll think I let my children run around naked in the backyard before school because I'm two sandwiches short of a picnic. Then they'll cart me off to the asylum, which might not be that bad, because then I may actually get some time to myself."


"Have you ever noticed that the way you puke is unique?" Kevin offered after Tony's last gag.

"What?" Tony asked, not really believing Kevin would be asking such a stupid question right now.

"Well, you've been puking for the last few minutes and I couldn't help but notice that the way you hurl is kind of unique," Kevin continued. "It's your own personal thing. Like the way you write, or the way you walk. You can't hide the way you puke because it's the way you are."
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