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My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor
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Jun 29, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: memoir
Recommended for: Anyone dealing with the injured brain
Read in July, 2008

This book wasn't what I was expecting. I expected to read a memoir of sorts. Maybe a before and after or even a during the process what was happening. And JBT does write "lightly" about those things. But mainly she is writing a self-help book that seeks to influence the rest of us to embrace the right side of our brains. As a brain scientist, she has a stroke then discovers she is one with the universe. Her brain and her cells are beautiful! Oh how lovely the world and everyone in it! The information in this book could have been stopped at phamplet size. Instead we have to read chapter after chapter of 4th grade happy talk. I can imagine most people aren't as masochistic as I and will quit mid-book on this one . . .
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Janet Man, I wish I'd read your review before recommending that my book club read this. She's driving me crazy with the unnecessary italics and quotation marks (I felt as _one_ with the universe!).

Margaret I think you are missing the point and letting your ego driven left brain protect its status as king of the hill a bit too much

Melissar66 There is so much more in this book! The insight that Jill felt "at one with the universe." is only one fact although I did find it repetitive. When I choose to overlook my impatience with that repetition I saw some other lessons to take with me. Like how I can choose how to respond to incoming stimuli after the physiological response from my right brain subsides. Also, I can choose to listen to my left brain with the compassion of my right brain so I can see where resentment from the past or fear of the future need to be tempered for me to live in peace with myself. I now see that may times what I considered to be right brain (emotional) "Knee-jerk" responses to situations have actually been left brain (analytical)"Knee-jerk" defensive actions triggered by my right brain. As It would not benefit me to live my life responding simply on an emotional level without checking in with my left brain for facts; It would not serve me to over analyze situations and respond solely on assumptions and predictions from my left brain with out checking in with my right brain to temper my response with compassion.

Diane I was so looking forward to this book, as my father had a massive stroke and I wanted to see what he might have gone through. There was none of that. This was really too much pop psychology for me too. she wasted an opportunity to really write something useful.

Diane Also, I do think some of these reviews for this and other books are a case of no one wanting to say "the emperor has no clothes."

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