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True Highland Spirit by Amanda Forester
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Amanda Forester scores another highlander hit with True Highland Spirit. Morrigan McNab is no lady, she is a warrior and leader of her clan. Ever since she was young, Morrigan was good with a sword and better suited to the life of a warrior than a lady. Morrigan trained as a warrior and helped her brother organize raids to steal provisions for their struggling clan. Dressing and acting as a boy, Morrigan never thought herself a lady, until a certain minstrel stole a kiss. Morrigan does not see the minstrel again until her brothers are both gone and she is acting as the laird of the clan. That is when Morrigan learns the minstrel is no minstrel, he is a french knight seeking a hidden templar treasure, and he needs Morrigan's help.

I was happily surprised by this story, in book 2, The Highlander's Heart, Morrigan is mentioned, but not in a good way. Morrigan is a woman who had a tough life, and no women to really raise her. Her older brother was her leader, and he needed help with the clan. There is more to Morrigan than fighting, she just never had opportunity or need to act in a womanly manner. When Sir Jaques Dragonet (the minstrel who is no minstrel) appears in Morrigan's life, Morrigan actually begins to feel like a woman.

Jaques Dragonet is a wonderful hero in this book, he is a great fit for Morrigan, even though he has a very difficult time believing that. The bastard child of a Bishop, Jaques Dragonet was raised as a monk and his purpose in life was to find the templar treasure and make his father proud. When Jaques gets to know Morrigan, his vows are put to the test, and the motivations of his father are called into question. The relationship between Dragonet and Morrigan is very sweet because both of them are so foreign to romance and attraction. They are a good fit, and I am happy about how their story unfolded.

Amanda Forester combines true history with the fictional story, making True Highland Spirit a believable tale. There is a war going on between England and Scotland, and the French are involved. In history, many clans are involved in the fighting. So, it makes sense when Morrigan, her clan, and Dragonet are apart of the fighting. There is a mysterious element to the story as well. Dragonet is just one of the people searching for the hidden Templar treasure. Throughout the story, this treasure plays a key role in motivations for various characters.

With the appeal of an unlikely laird, mysteries of the templar knights, and the romantic and fierce setting of the Scottish Highlands, True Highland Spirit proves to be a resounding success. Historical romance readers, I recommend reading True Highland Spirit, as well as Amanda Forester's other books in the series. There is intrigue, romance, and the drama of the Scottish highlands to enjoy in the series. I am looking forward to more books by Amanda Forester.

*I received this book for review*
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