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Girl Parts by John M. Cusick
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Jan 12, 12

Read from January 07 to 12, 2012

What I loved: about three chapters, or maybe 20 odd pages, in-- there is quite possibly one of the best illustrations of a first-date-gone-wrong ever. It kind of reminded me of every quirky cute awkward indie romantic comedy I've seen. Super bumbly weird fun. This would serve better as a short story, as it did not blend in with the rest of the book at all. Seriously. Find this book on the shelf at the library, read this chapter, and bask.

From there, it dives right into the basic premise: at a vague point in our semi-immediate future, technology overtakes our lives (insert "like, duh" here).. The main character David (an eww, gross, awful jerk), is a tech obsessed teen- his classes are all online, and then he comes straight home and spends 100% of his time online, spreading his attention among the three monitors on his desk. His social life is primarily online as well, in a Second Life/WoW-esque world. His dad is the head of some major tech manufacturer, so naturally he gets all the best computers/etc. When he exhibits no reaction to watching a classmate commit suicide via webcam (opening scene of the book, btw), he is diagnosed with a dissociative disorder and, as a result, his parents buy him a top of the line female robot 'companion' (for real), programmed to worship and serve their jerk of a son. Worried about weird robot sex? No sweat! She (and all others of her kind) was built like a Barbie doll- no nasty 'Girl Parts' here (eye roll). How will David (and his pervy peers) cope with their asexual Barbie dolls? Will they find a way to gain 'full use' of them? Will David find a way to love his robot without having to grow as a person? How will non-robotic girls compete with unconditional servitude and sillicone perfection? These are the sort of thrilling questions this book attempts to address.

Still. Worth a read. I love books with unlikable, albeit compelling characters (Fitzgerald, much?), and the premise is interesting. I definitely enjoyed the experience of reading it.
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