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For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund
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Jan 07, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult, sci-fi, romance, provincial-library, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, reviewed, retellings
Recommended for: No one I can think of. Dystopian is the most prominent genre, even above romance.
Read on July 01, 2012

I found this very disappointing. I have not read Persuasion so I will be making no comparisons.

When Elliot's childhood sweetheart, Kai, returns to their farm after running away 4 years earlier, things arent like she thought they would be. She always hoped and dreamed she would see him again, but he is so changed, and so incredibly angry at her for not running away with him. I really did not like seeing how he treated her and the things he said about her. She told him why she couldnt go and he still held it against her.

Imagine Elliot's world as similar to American slavery, except no one in particular owns anyone. They often change estates, or run away. They more or less can work for whoever they want. But they have to work for someone in order to survive. They cannot work for themselves. But they still have no rights and can be beaten or raped by their estate owners. Elliot dedicates her life to improving the well-being of the people under her care. Her father and older sister are completely incompetent and it has fallen to Elliot since her mother's death. She could not abandon them. Most of the story revolves around Elliot's attempts to improve the lives of the people on her estate, and anyone else she is in the position to help.

Kai was simply a distraction. He seemed to exist to make Elliot's life more difficult. But Elliot still loved him. She could not help herself. She had a lab where she experimented on crops and she hung all the letters her and Kai had written to each other as children from the ceiling in the form of gliders. The lab was like a testimony to her love, and I kept waiting for the inevitable moment when Kai would see it and realize that she still loved him, and then maybe he would also see how hard her decision must have been to stay behind. But that moment never came. It was extremely frustrating.

Kai let his emotions get in the way of everything. His anger and disappointment controlled him. Elliot on the otherhand is the opposite. She was logical and realistic and put her work before her feelings everytime. That is a good trait in a land owner, but not in a romantic protagonist. I appreciated that she still loved Kai, but I did not appreciate how she handled it. If she had a little less control on her emotions she would have told Kai how she felt and the story would have progressed much more quickly. And I appreciated Kai for being able to feel things so strongly, but he also let it control him and it held him back from forgiving Elliot. Overall, I didnt really like either of them.

Nothing changed between them until Kai found out Elliot had broken some rules, and he realized that she wasnt quite the strict master he thought she had become. After that they werent quite as hostile toward each other, but they still avoided each other and nothing really happened. Not until the end when Kai wrote Elliot a letter explaining everything, explaining how he had been mean to her because he was angry at himself for still loving her. It was the most romantic thing that happened in the whole book, and it wasnt even that romantic. I dont feel like he had a very good excuse for everything he had done to her. It was basically a book about slavery featuring two very bitter people who dont get along until the last chapter. And then they dont satisfying the romantic desires they supposedly had for the whole book. There wasnt a single kiss in the whole book! I know its based an a Jane Austen book but you dont have to still be so proper about it!
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