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Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison
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Nov 19, 12

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2.5 out of 5 stars, rounded up to 3.

Don't get me wrong, I think Thea Harrison is a fabulous author who clearly puts a lot of heart into her books, but ... when I pick up a Paranormal Romance, it's not with the intention of reading a High Fantasy novel. I'm not saying that Paranormal Romances should be dumbed down, or require less world building, or anything like that, but - in my mind - there's one HUGE difference between the two genres, and it lies in the details. Specifically, in How Many Details are provided. We can get a good sense of Niniane's wonderful brand of diplomacy and effervescent people skills without being privy to EACH [mostly meaningless re: the actual plot] CONVERSATION that she has with EVERY SINGLE GROUP / PERSON IN HER CAMP after they settle in for the night ... and again after someone's found murdered. And she isn't doing much to find out important information, mind; she's reaching out and comforting and being nice. IT'S TOO MUCH!!!!!! To make matters worse, I kept reading her name as NYNAEVE.

So, yeah, that about sums up my main problem with Storm's Heart. When it takes me four hours to read about what the characters have been doing for two hours, I'm not a happy camper, even if most of what I'm reading is interesting in a vague Wow, a lot of thought sure went into this campfire scene! kind of way.

Otherwise, I'll admit to being slightly flummoxed by Niniane, the closet narcoleptic. I think the problem here is that, while she'd only been healed [and had a lot of energy drained in this way] one or two days before the end of the book, the pace is j u s t s o s l o w that I couldn't figure out why she was SO FREAKING TIRED all the time, because too many pages had passed for it to still be The Day After ... right?! Anyway, she has a very strange dynamic going with Tiago: she'll be wobbling on her feet and passing out on beds or in chairs ... and then he'll be banging her senseless!! Good God, Tiago: LET A GIRL GET ENOUGH REST SO SHE CAN GET FROM POINT A TO POINT B WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO TOSS HER OVER YOUR SHOULDER!!!

And Tiago Just Won't Quit saying things like "You are so mine, young lady." *PEDOBEAR*

And it doesn't help that Niniane keeps reacting like this:

An invisible gremlin must have been in the room, because it doused her temper with lighter fluid and struck a match. A wave of heat flashed over her skin. She stamped her foot and shouted, "I look pretty!"

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Quotes Kitten Liked

Thea Harrison
“Holy cow. She actually managed to get in two good, solid hits in a row. The sentinels were going to be high-fiving each other at her funeral.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

Thea Harrison
“Assume you will make enemies. Work to make allies. Don't expect to make friends. Friends are a gift that happens over time.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

Thea Harrison
“Niniane thought she saw something odd as Aryal looked back at them. The harpy's eyes were narrowed, her angular face white with strain. Niniane might have been mistaken. Dangling upside down, everything looked wrong. People moved in weird ways, their smiles all turned down, and liquid spilled from drinks falling up. It was like looking in a carnival hall of mirrors in a dream.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

Thea Harrison
“Niniane gave the Vampyre a lopsided smile then looked at her hands. She couldn't possibly tell Carling that she thought the Vampyre was something precious and horrific, an enigmatic tragedy like the ruins of a historic battlefield.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

Thea Harrison
“What will the last syllable of recorded time be, and who will be the one to write it? No matter how long we live, we still wonder when our world will end and how.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

Thea Harrison
“Sometimes at Christmas she would slip into neighborhoods just like this one. She would walk along the streets and peer into windows at family and holiday gatherings, and marvel at the shiny gold, crimson and green decorated trees covered with tinsel and twinkling colored lights, while she wondered what it must be like to experience the beauty of such an ordinary, unattainable life.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

Thea Harrison
“Civilization was a dance, and the ancient Wyr were late to the ball. They donned masks and slipped with silent predatory grace into the ballroom. They watched with sharp eyes that glittered deep in the shadows behind their assumed facades, recording and learning the twist and rhythm of the dance, the social mores, when to bow and press their lips to the back of the hand, how to smile and say good evening, please and thank you and yes, I shall take more sugar with my tea.

All the while they noted the pulse that fluttered at the base of the dancers' necks, the scents of sweat and the quickened breath.”
Thea Harrison, Storm's Heart

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