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Don't ask me why I read this, but I did, and I did not finish it because it was too tedious and boring.

The biggest problem I had with this book, besides the never-ending storyline they repeated again and again and the fact that a lot of things did not make sense at all (like how all characters couldn't do a simple math equation even though they were described as ubersmart) was Helen. I read Dreamless with an Android app on my phone so I could make bookmarks while I was reading and I bookmarked every single line that the book failed to make sense to me. I realized after I had stopped reading this after 140 pages that most bookmarks were made because Helen was being a stupid, inconsiderate, humorless female.

"You have to chew bacon, Lennie," her dad said sarcastically. "It doesn't just dissolve in your mouth."

"Is that how it works?" Realizing she had been sitting there stock-still, she forced herself to act normal and crack a joke. "Now he tells me."

If I were her dad, I would completely lose hope in raising this daughter. First of all, that was not funny. Secondly, it was a human instinct to chew the shit you had in your mouth or you would drool all over yourself the first second you opened your mouth and talked(at least that was what happened when I tried to put a hot bacon in my mouth without chewing, maybe that was another superpower Helen had). Reading Helen's horrible attempt to make a joke gave me an inexplicable desire to headdesk.


Helen smeared some peanut butter on a hunk of bread and drizzled honey over it before she took a giant, angry bite. She chewed mechanically, hardly noticing the sticky ball of bread and nutty-sweet paste sealing up her mouth. She felt like she was choking something most of the time, anyway--like there was a wad of words lodged permanently in the back of her throat. What was a little peanut butter compared to that?

I did not understand what that paragraph was talking about because if Helen felt like she was choking most of the time, then she should be dead right now, not still eating. Also, eating peanut butter sandwich was not equivalent to choking you unless you were allergic to it and there had been no indication in Dreamless saying that Helen had any allergy, so I had not idea how Ms. Angelini could just change the subject like that. Thirdly, having a wad of words stuck in your throat was a far cry from choking. I have choked before, and it felt much worse then having words undelivered in you throat. You could die from the former, but you would not die from having 'a wad of words lodged permanently in the back of her (your) throat'.

She gulped down a glass of milk and shuffled back out front, still feeling like she was being blamed for something that wasn't her fault. She avoided Kate for the rest of the night to punish her.

Helen, if I actually knew you in reality, I would be glad you were avoiding me because that would save me energy to avoid you.

Even though he was fighting for his life, Helen couldn't stop herself from noticing that he really needed a haircut.

Thank you, Helen, for once again proving how shallow and stupid and inhuman you were.

In one fluid motion, Hector raised his torso back to vertical and claimed the sward for himself. As he yanked it out of the ground he used the grip-stop-go momentum of the freed blade to slash across the chest the next figure that appeared out of the gloom, all the while moving faster than the beat of a hummingbird's heart.

If a person rose from the ground into an upright position, I doubted many would describe that movement as 'raising his torso back to vertical.

Unfortunately for Helen, holding back her power required way more energy than just letting the bolts go.

Well then why could you not just release your energy and kill all the people or whatever creatures you were fighting against? It was either you or them, would you rather die? Stupid Helen.

She could create one that would kill them all, but she couldn't bring herself to do that.

Again, Helen was a stupid little girl. They were trying to kill her, and yet there she was, holding back because she 'couldn't bring herself to do that'.

Hearing her shout of pain seemed to shock Lucas out of his frenzy. He looked down to see Helen on her knees, cradling her injured wrist. "I'm sorry," he whispered. Before Helen could get to her feet, he jumped into the air and was gone from sight.

我頂你啊!See, reading this made me curse in Chinese. What the hell was wrong with Lucas? Who on earth would whisper sorry and then vanish from sight? Good grief, Helen, get over the boy, he was insane, heartless and do not even listen to his apologies.

Also, 19-17=2. Therefore, they were not cousins. I asked two friends of mine this question.

Me: If you really, really love a boy, only to discover after you've fallen in love that you were cousins, would you still be with him?

Friends: I would stay with him if I love him that much.

They were torturing each other and those reading Dreamless. Just get together for god's sake and save the mushy shit that sounded strangely like you have multiple personality disorder.頂!

She's fine," Helen said soothingly.

"Of course you'd think she's fine. You don't have any concept of how easy it is for her to get hurt. You're impervious," Jason snapped back at Helen, his voice rising slightly with every sentence.

Touche, Jason, touche.

Jason was probably the sanest person in the entire book given that he was the only one who would snap at Helen and knew how insanely childish and horrible a person Helen was. Too bad Ms. Angelini did not care about any character other than Helen, Lucas and Orion. Side characters like Jason were like paper boards standing in the background with no lines or personality whatsoever. I was surprised Ms. Angelini would let her precious little heroin gotten hurt by Jason talking back, honestly.

Helen pinched her eyes with her fingers until she saw pale blue spots.

First of all, I thought she was impervious so she should not be able to get hurt and saw pale blue spots. Second of all, if Ms. Angelini was reading this, I would like to invite her to pinch her eyes with her fingers. If her eyeballs were still there and not turned into gushes of blood, then I would volunteer to call Guiness World Records.

"And what makes you think Helen is more important than you are?" Jason asked, his face turning bright red with anger.

Jason is now officially my favorite character in Dreamless.

"Just stay out of this!" Jason yelled. He brushed past Helen on his way to the door. "You're not the center of everyone's universe, you know." The door slammed.

There IS justice in Dreamless! Thank you very much, Jason. I can't tell you how freaking elated I was upon reading this lose your nuts while talking to that idiot.

Hell Yeah

Go Jason!

In a way, this was more disheartening than anything that had been said during the fight. Jason obviously held some kind of grudge against Helen.

Well, yeah, I guess everyone would in reality, wouldn't they? Jason was like the readers in Dreamless. He voiced out our complains and then got scolded for being honest to himself. It must be a good book universe in Dreamless.

Somehow over the past few weeks Lucas had learned how to use his ability to manipulate the air to create a soundless vacuum. It was almost like he wasn't really there anymore.

亞太區將有一日成為亞太區街啊,next thing you know Lucas would be able to shoot fire balls from his backside.

Every time she saw Lucas it got worse. He was changing, but not for the better. Something wrong was happening to Lucas.

Yeah, like the fact that he could not do a simple math equation.

Claire told everyone that they couldn't safely read the scrolls without a proper initiation first.

What? To test the theory here, I told my mom that I couldn't study anymore because I needed an initiation to safely read the scrolls, she was scared by my bullshitting and thought I was on the edge of a mental breakdown.

...both of them were leaning toward each other so close it was like they were trying to climb into each other's eyes.

That was one scary image.

She could hear a heartbeat.

And it wasn't hers.

A video called Charlie Reads Twilight spoke for me. (Watch it from 0:40)

"Sounds like you know him better than you've said," Lucas said stiffly.


"Because I don't want you getting sidetracked by some trashy piece of Roman eye candy."


She was surprised to hear him speak so passionately.

Me too, I did not know that Helen cared about anyone besides herself.

"Well, it is Friday night. I figured, what the heck?" Helen joked, but o one laughed.


I'm tired. There are a lot more than the ones I've typed even thought I didn't even finish half of Dreamless. Overall, I really did not like Helen. The fact that almost all of them did not stand up to her irritated me as well. I thought this would have somewhat improved, but this is worse than Starcrossed. However, I'd give this one and a half stars out of five because I like Jason.

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