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The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
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Jan 06, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-young-adult
Read in May, 2012

Sigh.... I don't even know how to write this review, y'all. I mean, I am a pool of goo. If you know me very well, you know I am a huge fan of Abbi Glines' books. Huge. I loved THE VINCENT BOYS and when Abbi told me she was writing another Vincent boys book, I'm pretty sure my squeals were heard miles away.

The number one thought I had when I started reading the book was, "Can Sawyer carry a book as well as Beau?". Beau Vincent, he's a tough act to follow. Beau and Sawyer are opposites in every way. Beau is full of swagger *swoon*, but Sawyer has a quiet demeanor. Beau is openly passionate about Ash, Sawyer is more reserved. Beau likes to drink and live it up, Sawyer goes to parties but doesn't drink much. All that may lead you to believe Sawyer is boring. I mean, I thought he was a big snooze in THE VINCENT BOYS. Ohhhhhh, how I was wrong. I should have known better. It's always the quiet ones who end up catching you by surprise, isn't it? I'm absolutely not going to give anything about this book away, but when I think about Sawyer...*shivers*.

I had the same issue with Lana McDaniel. Ash's cousin was in THE VINCENT BOYS long enough for me to think I knew her. Lana thought Ash was crazy for leaving Sawyer for Beau. She thought Ash was handling everything wrong, and let her know it. All I thought about Lana was "What a buzzkill." Again, I was wrong. I only knew Lana from Ash's perspective. I was caught off guard by how quickly I began to love her. Lana is great. She's so strong, so forgiving, so loving.

Sawyer and Lana together. Gahhhh. I don't know how Abbi does it. There are some scenes that were so steamy, I had to stick my head in the freezer. And the funny thing is, the scenes aren't "graphic" at all. Or maybe I'm just easy, I dunno. Anyhow, it's good stuff.

Here's the deal. When Abbi sent me this book, I freaked out. I was so excited. One of my BFF's Autumn (from Autumn Review) and I read the book "together",which consists of DMs and texts since we live hours away from one another. We both stayed up until 3:30am reading THE VINCENT BROTHERS. As soon as we woke up the next morning, we started talking about the book again. Then, we talked on the phone for an hour that afternoon about all the little things that hit us so hard. I actually teared up when we were talking about it. I guess my point is, Abbi Glines' books have a special quality about them that resonates with me so deeply. I've called it her "special sauce". I can't tell you exactly what it is, but I know I'm going to find it each time I open her books. And that feeling, it is worth everything when it comes to reading.

Bottom Line: If you loved THE VINCENT BOYS, you will certainly love THE VINCENT BROTHERS.

Favorite Quotes:

" 'You think I'm a better choice than Beau? He's the bad one, you know. The dangerous one. Girls like bad boys.' His voice had dropped to a low rumble. I shivered as he took another step closer, his eyes never leaving their study of my lips. It had been awhile since I'd reapplied lip gloss. I wondered if they were dry.
Forcing myself to remain calm, I responded, 'Not all girls.' " (pg 21, eARC)
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Ngaio Jealous! Can't wait to read this one

Andrea I'm so excited!

Ngaio Yay! lol, don't know about the cover though

message 4: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Fournier OMG! So lucky!! I can't wait to read it. ;)

Andrea I'm so excited!! It won't be long until the release.

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