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Take Me Home by Sloan Parker
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Dec 15, 13

Read in January, 2012

A loving relationship is more than physical intimacy. It involves a great deal of emotional intimacy as well - being involved in each others' lives, putting their needs first, showing respect, nurturing each other, and much more. Kyle Bennett and Evan Walker of Sloan Parker's book 'Take Me Home' have this kind of intimate relationship except they are best friends, not lovers. Since they first met, they have been closer to each other than anyone else and everyone around them sees it. They are soul mates; Kyle and Evan belong together, but have emotional obstacles to overcome which they feel are to risky to even discuss, so they remain in limbo, loving each other, but being afraid to take the next step for fear of losing each other altogether.

Kyle feels unworthy of Evan. Kyle knows he has intimacy issues and constantly reminds himself: “Don't you dare hurt him!” Kyle is the one who has to admit the truth, that he does love Evan and wants to be with him, and only him, and Evan is the one he has to convince, which in the end, he does quite brilliantly.

Even though Evan adores Kyle, he realizes that Kyle can't give him the commitment he needs to be happy. And he's wise to guard his heart, but it's hard to do when his heart already belongs to Kyle; but when Evan does finally give in and admit his feelings, he's surprisingly assertive about it which is delightful.

'Take Me Home' is a powerful love story entwined with mystery, intrigue, and danger. It was maddening, at times, to watch Kyle and Evan struggling with the inevitable, but it was also quite poignant and I became emotionally vested in the experience because of their devotion. The information about the inner workings of the rail industry was enlightening and, of course, provided a very romantic aura. Although there were several intricate subplots which, at times, were a little hard to follow, Sloan brought all of them together quite satisfactorily at the end. It was exciting, frightening, emotional, frustrating, and satisfying. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a passionate, well written love
story filled with adventure and angst. Thanks Sloan, for the great train ride.

NOTE: This book was purchased by the reviewer for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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