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A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
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Jan 06, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 06 to 14, 2012

Unlike most of the rest of the TWoT books, I read this one much later than the one before. I think that actually helped improve my opinion of it, as I didn't find the repetitiveness of certain concepts or the explanations too cumbersome. This time around, though, I wished I had the 6th book close by to check some things I didn't remember anymore.

For a 850 pages book, I can't say a lot happens in this one. The fight against a Forsaken at the end is a little bit disappointing, and I didn't really get a Big War Feelings out of the invasion. It all ended up happening in about a hundred pages, so I end up wondering if 750 pages of set up were really necessary. I did have a lot of 'oh man!' or 'woah!' moments during the read, though, as there's some things coming out of the left field that made the reading exciting. This is also the first book where I've come to enjoy Mat and his troubles, though I was really displeased at how light the whole male-rape thing was managed. Am I to take it that if a man is pursued aggressively to the point where he wants to cry at the harassment is funny? Is being undressed at knife point and fucked without hearing your complains somehow funny? I don't think that should fly the way it did and I found it rather disgusting. The narrative does take us to a female-rape scene where she is understandably jarred and horrified in this same book, so the whole 'but it's sexy if it happens to a dude!' thing only made me more wary of the way Jordan plays the whole sex-role stereotypes -it is normally pretty bad and repetitive, but I really hate that take on male-rape.

Plenty of unexpected things, some plot advancement (though not even that much), some new characters, waaaaay to many new Aes Sedai that I can't keep track of. It was a fun ready and I did enjoy it, but it continues to have all the flaws of the previous books.

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