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Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
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Jan 12, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, humor
Read from January 06 to 11, 2012

Did I ever mention how much I love reading Terry Pratchett's books, and the Discworld series in particular? The series is like a big collection of metaphors of our world transformed into books. Most things we take for granted are quite ridiculous when you stop to actually think about them. The concept of money, for example. Or insurance. Or religion.

It's hard to find a more heated topic than religion. It seems like you either encounter fervent believers who will try with all their might to convert you, or pushy atheists who will try with all their might to convince you that all believers are horribly stupid. But where does belief come from? How does it appear, and what makes it disappear? What makes some religions persist through time, while others once mighty are forgotten or regarded as nothing more than artifacts of ancient History? What happens when belief morphs into organized religion?

What happens to a god when people stop believing?

And what do you do when people have built a religion around you, and use it for their personal ends in your name?

That's only a small taste of what this book is about. There are also tortoises. And philosophers.
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Terry Pratchett
“The Ephebians believed that every man should have the vote (provided that he wasn't poor, foreign, nor disqualified by reason of being mad, frivolous, or a woman). Every five years someone was elected to be Tyrant, provided he could prove that he was honest, intelligent, sensible, and trustworthy. Immediately after he was elected, of course, it was obvious to everyone that he was a criminal madman and totally out of touch with the view of the ordinary philosopher in the street looking for a towel. And then five years later they elected another one just like him, and really it was amazing how intelligent people kept on making the same mistakes.”
Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

Terry Pratchett
“Gods don't like people not doing much work. People who aren't busy all the time might start to think.”
Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

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