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Ice by Sarah Beth Durst
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Jan 06, 12

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Those of you who know my reading taste will know how much I love fairy tale re tellings. I might be all grown up but the love for Happily Ever Afters where a fair prince gets to save the damsel in distress ,have been my favorite kind of books. Ice by Sarah Beth Durst though a retelling of a fairy tale was not exactly that kind of a book. I mean , there was the old fairy tale charm but it was more modern ,adventurous and the damsel in question , most definitely wasn't in distress. Atleast she didn't keep waiting for her Prince Charming to do all the work ..My verdict - FASCINATING

Cassie grew up listening to a fairy tale. The one where in her mother is taken as a prisoner to the end of the earth and she has promised to give her daughter , that's Cassie, to the Polar Bear King as his bride to be. Living with people of science Cassie has long forgotten and rubbished this tale but on her 18th birthday she comes face to face with a unusaully large bear who talks to her! 'Now this must have a logical explanation' is what Cassie's mind tells her but her heart tells her that if the bear can talk then there are chances her mother too is alive.Just like in the fairy tale. So she decides to go along with the Polar Bear King and fulfill her mother's part of the bargian . Little does she knows that her destiny isn't as simple as that.

Reading about Cassie was refreshing. She sounded sane because even after the major jolt of realising that bears can talk, trolls exist and her mom whom she considered dead ,might still be alive she wasn't over whelmed. She was logical and smart .Her questioning and refusal to just take things at face value was a quality I liked about her. Though I have to confess that loving a polar bear isn't my idea of fairy tale but when Beauty could love Beast and we could all applaud and cry happy tears at that I believe Polar Bear King and Cassie's romance shouldn't be belittled. Polar Bear though a very important character was according to me over shadowed by Cassie. Story with a heroine who can act like a hero. Now this kind of fairy tales , I like.

Another great thing about the book was the mixture of science with fantasy. Cassie being a believer of science at heart uses her knowledge in helping the Polar Bear King in his fulfilling his duty.Let me tell you that part of the plot definitely didn't look out of place or forced.Goes to prove magic and science can co exist.If the author so wishes :)

Loved the Sarah Beth Durst's style of story telling. I have to say the book managed to keep me engaged to finish it in one reading.

One complaint though , somewhere after page 200 , all Cassie did was run. It looked as if the running was the only thing happening in the story. She was either running or devising plans on how to run. For that part of the book I too wanted to run ahead and skip to the point where she would stop and story would move ahead. Confused ? I guess unless you read it you won't understand what I am trying to tell you here. But this in no way made the story less enjoyable.

I would recommend this book to all YA fantasy lovers.

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