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The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom by Sarah L. Delany
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Jan 19, 12

bookshelves: 2012-reads, memoirs
Recommended to Rayni by: author recognition
Recommended for: Those interested in reminiscing
Read from January 15 to 19, 2012

As I said in my comments while reading the book, this is one I would love to have. There are recipes in this book. Some I would love to try.

I loved it when Sadie says, "It's as if we've become America's grandmas." Sadie also said, "Maybe all older people should be asked about their lives."

People don't seem to be interested in other people's stories. Everyone has a story to tell. And the longer you live, the more stories there are to tell. We need to write our stories down, share them.

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01/15/2012 "Interlibrary loan"
75.0% "I'm loving this book. This is one I would love to have so I could make notes in the margins & refer to again & again. There are recipes in this book too."

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message 1: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Were you tempted to steal it, Rayni ????
Rip out the recipes!!!
Cook 'em or photocopy 'em!!!

Sad we don't get folk to write their memories and stories ...but then who will love them, preserve them, keep them safe?? Who will be interested??
I don't think my younger sister's two sons have ever asked me a question about my life or opinions, nothing.
I am ALWAYS asking them questions about their activities.
I'm lost!!

Rayni I think it is sad stories don't get written down. My son's dentist married a relative. The last time N went to the dentist, I thought about a story about dentist's grandmother-in-law that had been passed down in our family. So, I laughingly told him about it. He'd never heard it. Then he asked for other family stories.

I think you ought to write your own memoir. I LOVE memoirs. I just discovered them the last few years though.

Yes, I was tempted to not return it. Temptation is a lot like suicide ideation though. You think about it, but don't necessarily follow through.

message 3: by Wayne (new)

Wayne It's good to be tempted...it makes you humble and more tolerant, since none of us is perfect.

Love your dentist story. It's sad isn't it.But GREAT that YOU were able to tell him.
But WHERE is the story kept while waiting for that Interested Reader to finally come along??
And WHO will be its Guardian???

You hear of old diaries or memoirs being found in drawers or in boxes in the attic.

I love reading memoirs too. I bought a book of letters by Pliny the Younger who witnessed the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii in about 70AD.He was only about 17 years old then but he wrote an eye witness account...it is so fresh and immediate to read, as if it was written only yesterday!!!

I read an account by a young Russian girl during the siege of Leningrad by the Germans in theSecond World War. It really brought home to me the reality of those events. Yes, memoirs are wonderful experiences.

Rayni Yesterday N went back to the dentist. Dr. I said his wife had never heard any of the stories I told him. I had been a little hazy on one of the stories so I had come home & asked my mother. She refreshed my memory, so I was able to tell Dr. I the "rest of the story." His wife was wanting to know where she could get these stories.

You are right, where is the story kept waiting & who will be the guardian? My mom's histories are in the bottom drawer of a kitchen cabinet. But I have pieced stories together as I listen. I should write them down ... shoulda (should have), coulda, woulda ...

Rayni By "my mom's histories," I mean her collection of family histories.

message 6: by Wayne (new)

Wayne I had a good laugh at your "shoulda,coulda, woulda..."
One of those things we so seldom get around to.
Perhaps because we know that once recorded we then have that huge problem of "What do I do NEXT!!???"
When really the mere writing it down gives it a life of its own , and the chance of survival , whereas if we write nothing there is no chance of anything further happening.
Forget the "shoulda, coulda, woulda " and turn it into an Urgent Necessity with a "MUST"!!!!

Rayni I will take that challenge & turn it into a must - along with all the other things I MUST do. I challenge you to do the same, only with your personal stories.

message 8: by Wayne (new)

Wayne You know Rayni, I was thinking along these exact lines just this morning.
Your email must have seeped out of the computer and into the very air I breathe. I've made a mental note to fumigate the air and to stop breathing!!!!
I did start on some personal stories recently.
But thinking is NOT enough is it. One should record almost immediately...definitely within 24 hours.
Life too often gets in the way.
I will give this serious consideeration.

Rayni Yes! Record almost immediately. It will be easier if you have one of those composition books or something like that at hand, so you can write down kernels of thought as they come to you.

You CANNOT stop breathing. Not breathing is not conducive to earth life.

message 10: by Wayne (new)

Wayne RIGHT!!!!
I'll keep an eye on myself....and keep the breathing goooooing.
I do keep a daily diary in which I often jot down story ideas, some inccident that I think...ok, it's small and incidental but it has reverberations enough too to make itinterestiing.
But they fade if there is not that follow-up which is often impossible but could be reduced to just an improbable!!!

Rayni LOL, you are right, they do fade if there is no follow up, but I find that sometimes, most of the time, just by reading the small note I made can bring back the thought.

My mom has central sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea is where the brain forgets to tell you to breathe when you are asleep. She hates the CPAP machine, but ... it's called life support.

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