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Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess
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Jan 24, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: zombies
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Poetic. Absurd. Surreal. Brilliant.

These are the only words to describe Pontypool. I love the idea of semiotics. My background is more the idea of semiotics used in performance, but I understand the literary theory as well. The zombie plague in Pontypool is spread through language, or rather the deconstruction of it, which is brilliant because this nonsensical story is told through words, and often does not make sense-that's the point.

It's definitely not a book for everyone. It's strange and nonlinear, which may frustrate some. Don't get me wrong, it's not a dense read by any means, you just have to get in the right mindset. Think zombie poetry on acid.

This is not a book with a cathartic ending. In fact, there is no catharsis-you're there for the ride, and hopefully you "get it". This is a book about communication, interpretation, our inner world, and how that translates intrapersonally. This book comments on mental illness and how we construct and interpret our world, but it also suggests that we may not be too far off from the labels of mental illness once we understand that we may not be able to understand. Make sense? No? That's the point.
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01/05/2012 page 33
12.0% "Poetry."
01/07/2012 page 126
46.0% "I love the absurd. I love imtelligent absurd. I'm in love with the idea of intelligent absurd beauty. And zombies? I'm with Ruby, I want to marry this book."

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Anna  (Bananas!) Love the review. Very helpful and gets me more interested.

Alexis Winning Awesome!

Hahaha, I was starting to wonder if anyone actually reads my reviews!

Its such a great book!

Anna  (Bananas!) I imagine a lot of people read reviews but don't like or comment. Where's the fun it that though? Did you see the movie?

Also, "zombie poetry on acid" - love that.

Alexis Winning The movie is great, but totally different. There was just something so utterly perfectly brilliant about the book. Are you a zombie fan?

Anna  (Bananas!) Do I like zombies? YES. :) Although the movie didn't really strike me as a zombie film, mainly because they weren't chowing down on each other. Or wait, maybe there was a bit of that, trying to recall...It was chilling, though, anytime the people starting breaking down, losing control of their language. Like they were slowly going mad. Disturbing, but in an unusual, interesting way.
I like that the book's different from the movie.
So are you a zombie fan? I'm guessing yes.

Alexis Winning haha, just a little bit of a zombie fan.

I think both the movie and book were great in their own right. Its just two very distinct mediums, and what works in one, doesn't necessarily work in the other.

Lol, I like you Anna! let's be friends :)

Anna  (Bananas!) Excellent idea! :) I agree.

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